Facility Change Request Form

If your office or department is considering a project to make changes in your space next year, you must submit a Facility Change Request form. The form should include a budget number if your department/office is funding the project. Also, the form must be signed and approved by the department chair, department head, or program director. Complete the attached form by November 28 and submit it to Barb Tousignant (1-FACILT or btousign) in the Facilities Office. 

Requests seeking funding support are to be for small renewal projects e.g., re-configuration of a room, changing a doorway, adding electrical service, or extending utility service to support the installation of a new piece of equipment. Requests for funding support are recommended to be in the range of $3,000 to $50,000 and are expected to demonstrate a real need in support of a College or departmental objective.  

The Capital Funding and Priorities Committee (CF&PC) will review the request and approval will be decided during winter term. You will be notified by the end of winter term and if approved, a project manager will contact you. A Facility Change Request submitted after the deadline will be considered individually, based on urgency, cost, and budget. For more information about the Facility Change Request process, see that attached document.