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Meet the Office

General contact


Rose's photo
Rose Rezaei
Gender Sexuality Center/Title IX Fellow

Rose uses she and her pronouns 

I'm originally from Florida and have enjoyed living in Minnesota for two years. I have a BA in Mass Communications: Public Relations and a M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction: College Student Affairs from the University of South Florida. I am beginning my third year at Carleton. My role in the Gender and Sexuality Center primarily centers around creating and promoting healthy communities and relationships  In addition to my work in the GSC, I serve as an Area Director  for Musser and the West Side Houses in the Office of Residential Life. I love a good conversation over coffee, wandering around a used bookstore, the ocean, and thrifting.

Check out my library recommendation here!

Tegra's GSC Picture
Tegra Straight
Assistant Director of the Gender and Sexuality Center

I'm originally from Nebraska but am enjoying my time in Minnesota. I have a BS in Biology and a MA in Higher Educational Administration with a Specialization in Student Affairs from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I am beginning my second year at Carleton and, in addition to my work in the Gender and Sexuality Center, currently serve as a Hall Director in our Office of Residential Life.  My role in the GSC primarily centers around LGBT programming and events.


Lauren's GSCA Picture
Lauren Chow ’14

Gender and Sexuality Center Associate

Weston, Massachusetts

Cognitive Science Major and Educational Studies Concentrator

Uses she/her or they/them Pronouns 

Hi, I'm Lauren, I'm a senior from the Boston area and a proud INFJ (my Myers-Briggs personality type). I love running, chocolate, making lists, and wearing toe socks. This year I'm really excited to do work preventing sexual violence, and exploring how gender and sexuality and other identities intersect. Come say hi to me in the GSC or WHOA (Wellstone House of Activism) on campus sometime!


Qwill's GSCA Picture
Qwill Duvall ’14

Gender and Sexuality Center Associate

White Bear Lake, Minnesota

Studio Art and Computer Science Double Major

Hi all! I'm Qwill and I prefer to be called by any pronouns other than she/her.  So, they/them, he/him or using my first name are all fine by me!

I love laughing, hugging, swing dancing, Star Trek, and running around in billowy cloaks. I also enjoy drawing on the GSC chalkboard.  I'm really excited to work in the GSC for a second year and help make it a space everyone feels welcome. In the GSC I work on organizing LGBTQ events as well as on the trans/gender resources website and working in the library. I'm particularly passionate about anything gender related!  Stop by and say hi, or check out a book!

Olivia's GSCA Picture
Olivia Fantini ’14

Gender and Sexuality Center Associate

Marblehead, Massachusetts

Women's and Gender Studies Major

Uses Female Pronouns 

Hey there! My name's Olivia and I'm a senior from Marblehead, Massachusetts.  I'm a Women's & Gender Studies major, poet, activist, baker, and ukulele player who enjoys star gazing, libernating, ultimate frisbee, talking about feminism, and really bad jokes.  This year I'm looking forward to developing some new approaches to LGBTQ and sexual violence prevention programing at the GSC.  I'm always happy to talk about gender, sexuality, and feminism, come find me in the GSC, on the frisbee field, or in the libe!  

Brit's GSCA Picture
Britney Fryer ’15

Brit Fryer

Gender and Sexuality Center Associate

Chicago, Illinois

Cinema and Media Studies Major

Uses any pronoun said respectfully, including he, she, & they

Hey! I'm Brit Fryer. I'm a junior CAMS major from Chicago. I love power-lifting, rugby, DJing, avocados, and fall weather. This year I'm excited to be returning for my second year as GSCA so that I can  work on the LGBTQA panels and plan events surrounding the diversity in gender and sexuality. Come find me in the GSC or in the Women's Awareness House!

Truc's staff photo
Truc Anh Kieu ’14
Gender Sexuality Center/Title IX Fellow

Gender and Sexuality Center Associate

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sociology/Anthropology Major, Women's and Gender Studies Concentrator

Uses Female Pronouns

Hi, I’m Truc! I’m a senior SOAN major/WGST concentrator from Minneapolis, MN. I love anything that has to do with sex & body positivity, feminism, women of color, snuggling, going to music concerts, dancing, Tres Leche cake, bubble tea and the Internet. Outside the GSC you can find me dancing with WHOA! Hip-hop Dance Co. but if you can’t make it to our show then come find me at any Cowling/Cave dance and we can get jiggy with it.

Jordan's staff picture
Jordan Stevens ’14

Gender and Sexuality Center Associate

Billings, Montana

History Major

Hello! I'm Jordan Stevens, a senior History major from Montana. . . which yes, is a place. I prefer to go by Jay and will respond to pretty much any pronoun! I love pottery, freezing weather, and re-watching The West Wing while enjoying a good cup of coffee. I'm so excited to be returning to the GSC this year, one of my favorite places on campus. I love doing workshops and facilitating conversations with students who want to learn more about gender identity, sexuality, safe sex, and communication! I'm a huge extrovert, so come say hi!  

Isaac's photo
Isaac Werner ’14

Gender and Sexuality Center Associate

Perham, Minnesota

English Major

Uses Male Pronouns 

I'm a senior from rural Minnesota who likes a lot of things and hates writing about himself but has to. Let's see, I like baking, sewing, quilting, gardening, cleaning, running and other outdoorsy stuff. Take that, combine it with my English major, and I'll make one heck of a stay-at-home dad. At the GSC I work on masculinities issues, MSex, LGBT panels, library maintenance, and a variety of other programming. Outside of the GSC, you'll most likely find me dancing as a member of Semaphore, blogging for the English department, developing film in the photo co-op darkroom, or reading novels in upper Sayles.

Check out my book recommendation!

Nona's staff picture
Nona Schamus ’14

Gender and Sexuality Center Associate

New York City, New York 

Cinema and Media Studies Major

Uses Female Pronouns 

Hello! I’m Nona, a senior CAMS major from New York City. I’m a big fan of theater, photography, baking, and watching terrible reality TV shows. I’m also a member of Lenny Dee Sketch group and Experimental Theater Board on campus.This year, I’m really excited to work on LGBTQ activism and promoting healthy relationships in our community, and hopefully bringing programming about some great queer films and filmmakers to Carleton. I’m so happy to be a part of this incredible community that exists in the basement of Scoville. Come find me in the GSC or at WA (Women’s Awareness) House and we can talk about feminism (or Orange is the New Black…).  

Book recommendation

Feminism is for Everybody by bell hooks
This book is a succinct, interesting introduction to the history and theory behind feminism in the United States. It also discusses common misconceptions about what feminism is, and the ways we can all work to revitalize feminism. bell hooks is awesome, and this little primer is the perfect introduction to hooks’ work and feminism…for everybody! 

Tuggle's staff picture
Hannah Tuggle ’14

Gender and Sexuality Center Associate

Ames, Iowa 

Art History Major, Women's and Gender Studies Concentrator

Hello! I'm Tuggle (sometimes people call me Hannah) and I prefer any pronouns except he/him/his. So it's okay if you refer to me as she/her, they/them, ze/zir, or basically any other zany ones you can think of!

On campus, I play the violin, am a member of CAASHA (Campus Advocates Against Sexual Assault) and procrasti-watch a lot of movies from the Netflix category "Independent movies featuring a strong female lead."Some of my other current hobbies include smashing the patriarchy, quoting OITNB, and stressing about what I'm going to do when I graduate.

The GSC is the bomb dot com, so you should come visit!

Will's condom fairy pic
Will Sheffer ’15

Gender and Sexuality Center Associate

Bow, New Hampshire

Art History Major, European and Women's and Gender Studies Concentrator

Uses male or gender neutral pronouns

Dobrý den from Prague! I'm a junior who is currently abroad but is from New Hampshire. I can usually be seen around campus refusing to do anything in front of a plate of cheese pizza in Burton, intensely procrastinating on 3rd Libe, sobbing into nachos in Sayles, occasionally romping around in the Arb, and laughing at gay advertisements in the GSC. The Carleton architectural feature with which I most closely identify is the Facilities Building's smokestack though I am a huge fan of Basement Scoville. You can find me there or on the couches in Boliou. Stop by and say hi!


Lindsey Myrick
Lindsey Myrick ’15

Gender and Sexuality Center Associate

Nashville, Tennessee 

Religion Major

Hi, I’m Lindsey! I’m a junior Religion major from Nashville, Tennessee. Outside of the GSC, you can usually find me listening to country music, eating pretzel M&Ms, re-watching all my fave Joss Whedon shows, and complaining about how I can’t find good fruit tea in Minnesota. In the GSC, you can usually find me doing work on sexual violence prevention, talking about my favorite subject (queerness), and browsing through the books in the library. Come find me and we’ll browse together!

Emily Scotto
Emily Scotto ’15

Gender and Sexuality Center Associate

Easthampton Massachusetts 

Sociology/Anthropology Major

Uses she and her pronouns

Hey there! I’m Emily and I’m a junior Sociology/Anthropology major from Easthampton, Massachusetts. I’m a big fan of mid-afternoon naps, loud laughter, Burton pizza, making and consuming baked goods, and driving aimlessly at night. Around campus, you can find me playing guitar in Jazz Ensemble or with my band or goofing around on KRLX. I am so psyched to hang out in the GSC this year and drink tea while chatting about things like LGBTQ activism, feminism, and sexuality. Come find me and say hi!

Jordan Palacios ’15

Gender and Sexuality Center Associate

Chicago, Illinois 

Cinema and Media Studies Major