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The GSC library houses over 1,000 books, videos, and magazines that are available for use by any member of the Carleton community. Our books are included in the Bridge, so you can also search for them online!  Click here for a list of all the GSC books in the Bridge.

Materials can be checked out at any time from the GSC. Our library sections include health/body/sexuality, men's issues, coming out, queer history, feminist theory, gender theory, religion, bisexuality, fiction, arts, and much more. For more information, contact the GSC at x5222. Stop by and browse, or have one of the Center Associates help you find what you're looking for.  If you have specific library questions, feel free to contact the GSC library team: Truc (kieut) or Tegra (tstraight).

The Happy Bodies blog also has a library section where you can see all kinds of reading recommended by them as well as links to book reviews on their site!

Current and Former Staff Recommendations!

Sarah's Pick: Whipping Girl by Julia Serrano

Library section: Trans / Gender / Intersex

Why she loves it: Whipping Girl

If you want to learn more about trans issues, feminism, or misogyny, you should absolutely read this book. This combination of personal experience, political manifesto, and trans, feminist, and queer theorizing is both informative and gripping. One of things that stuck with me long after reading this book is Serano‟s description of cissexual privilege and all the things that people who are not trans take for granted. Whipping Girl provided me with a vocabulary for talking about these issues and presenting them in ways that make sense and can encourage other people to rethink their roles and actions.


Kendall's Pick: Yes Means Yes!: Visions of Female Sexual Power & A World Without Rape edited by Jaclyn Friedman and Jessica Valenti

Library Section: Violence and Violence Prevention 

Why she loves it:Yes Means Yes!

This book isn't just the usual reaction to rape and rape-culture-- instead, it forces us to question our views of sexual violence, and to recognize and respect female sexual power. By putting the emphasis on pleasure, consent, and healing, this book empowers women while respecting their journeys towards healthy sexuality.


Michael's Pick: When I Knew edited by Robert Trachtenberg

Library Section: Queer Issues-- Coming OutWhen I Knew

Why he loves it:

A few years ago, the GSC did its own version of this publication, but it's worth it to look at the original! There are funny, cute, and serious stories. This is a book that you can pick up and flip through for a few minutes, or sit down and read cover-to-cover. I like browsing it when I have a few moments free in the office, and I hope you enjoy it too!


Hannah's Pick: The Laramie Project by Moises Kaufman

Library Section: Arts-- GeneralLaramie project

Why she loves it:

"The Laramie Project" is a gripping play about the tragedy of Matthew Shepard's death.  The script is very well written and a great and compelling read.  I think the San Francisco Chronicle describes it best: "A bracing, wholly original and deeply affecting piece of theater.  It radiates integrity, an aching collective need to  understand incomprehensible events.  It portrays and American town with grace, truth, theatrical economy, compassion, wit, despair and love.  It proves that theater can serve as witness to our deeds.  It's we who must answer one by one, for what we all create and what we destroy together."


Seth's Pick: Campus Climate Survey

Why He Loves It:CEDI

The Campus Climate Survey, which was conducted in 2008, polled students, faculty, and staff about issues at Carleton including race, gender, sexuality, and socio-economic status. Though somewhat dense, the survey provides invaluable insight into issues of diversity both on Carleton’s campus and in the greater Northfield community. While the survey is not actually in the GSC library, it is extremely relevant to our work, and you can access it here.


Kristy's Pick: Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg

Library Section: Trans/Gender/IntersexStone Butch Blues

Why She Loves It:

Stone Butch Blues is a novel about the life of a self-described “he-she” named Jess who is assigned to the female sex at birth. The novel traces Jess’ struggles with gender and self-definition in a society that promotes a rigid and painful binary. Not only is Stone Butch Blues thematically fascinating, it is also a haunting piece of writing.


Purity myth last tryNorma's Pick: The Purity Myth: How America's Obsession with Virginity is Hurting Young Women by Jessica Valenti

Library Section: Women's Issues-- General

Why She Loves It:

This book does a great job deconstructing the false virgin/whore dichotomy and revealing the ways in which our cultural fixation on girls' and women's sexual purity is tied to exploitation, sexual violence, and the repression of female desire.


 Raisin in the Sun try 2Jaclyn's Pick: A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry

Library Section: Arts-- General

Why She Loves It:

One of the best plays I've ever read. Beautiful story of an African American family struggling to make it in the heavily racialized and sexist world of post-WWII Chicago.


Homo handbook 2 Isaac's Pick: The Homo Handbook: Getting in Touch with your Inner Homo by Judy Carter

Library Section: Arts-- General

Why He Loves It:

This book provides lots of helpful, funny advice for people throughout the entire coming out process while not taking itself too seriously. It's hilarious but also affirming, with many exercises and journal prompts to help people examine their sexual identity.


Shantrice's Pick: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya AngelouI know why the caged bird sings

Library Section: Multicultural/Multiple Identities

Why She Loves It:

I love this book because it is a powerful story of a woman of color becoming her own heroine. It explores the aspects of accepting and navigating black womanhood.


Rose's Pick: I <3 Female Orgasm by Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller

Library Section: Health/Body/SexualityI heart female orgasm

Why She Loves It:

I love "I <3 Female Orgasm" by Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller because it is a book about understanding, exploring, and celebrating pleasure. It is a quick read and provides entertaining stories about individuals' encounters with the big "O".


Madeline's Pick: Guide to Getting It On by Paul Joannidesguide to getting it on

Library Section: Health/Body/Sexuality

Why She Loves It: Sex positive and very inclusive! This book has great information and includes (almost) everything you need to know to explore your sexuality safely and have fun!


Alicia's Pick: Dykes to Watch Out For by Alison Bechdeldykes to watch out for

Library Section: Arts-- General

Why She Loves It: I like these books because they are a light-hearted approach to real relationships and real lives.  And who doesn't like a good cartoon about dykes?"


Lauren's Pick: Colonize This!: Young Women of Color on Today's Feminism by Daisy Hernandez and Bushra Rehman

Library Section: Multicultural/Multiple IdentitiesColonize This book cover

Why She Loves It:

This book is an awesome compilation of essays by badass women of color, on being women of color, and how we fit in (or don't fit in) to feminism! For me it was really refreshing to read writing by people around my age that were telling stories you don't see represented very often, even in mainstream feminist literature. And as someone who grew up sorely needing strong women of color role models, voices like these are super important to me.


Nona's Pick: Feminism is for Everybody by bell hooks

Library Section: Multicultural/Multiple Identitiesfeminism is for everybody take two

Why She Loves It:
This book is a succinct, interesting introduction to the history and theory behind feminism in the United States. It also discusses common misconceptions about what feminism is, and the ways we can all work to revitalize feminism. bell hooks is awesome, and this little primer is the perfect introduction to hooks’ work and feminism…for everybody!

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