Peer Education

The GSC offers a variety of workshops on healthy sexuality, LGBTA awareness and sexual violence prevention. Contact Tegra Straight (tstraight) if you are interested in scheduling a peer led workshop!


The Anatomy of Pleasure

The Sex Ed. class you always wish you had: a one hour introduction that affirms sexual pleasure as a natural, normal and important part of sexual experience. By exploring a range of anatomies, activities, and ways of thinking about sexual behavior, we hope to give you the tools to make healthy, consensual, and pleasurable decisions about your body! Time: 1 hour 

Getting What You Want From Relationships

This workshop will focus on relationships and the communication that happens in relationships. We will do a number of activities, brainstorms and group discussions to identify what relationships are, what types of relationships we want to be in and also how to communicate more clearly and effectively to have difficult conversations and let our friends/partners know what we want.

Gender 101

Explores differences between sex, gender, and sexual orientation as well as shares the stories of people whose identities challenge "the gender binary." Through interactive exercises and discussion, we hope to start an inclusive conversation about what gender means to us! Time: 1 hour


A group of students, representing a range of different identities, come to tell their coming out stories and answer questions about their experiences. Time: 45 minutes

Ally 101

This workshop explores the basics of privilege, power, and oppression. We use discussion and interactive activities to develop concrete strategies and tools for being an ally along lines of gender, race, class, sexual orientation, and more!

How to Help a Friend

This workshop covers basics for supporting survivors of sexual violence such as active listening and suggestions for supportive language.  It also provides an overview of local and on campus resources for survivors and those learning how to support survivors.  Time: 45 minutes.