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LGBT Support & Resources

  • FAQs

    Want to know more about LGBT life at Carleton? The GSC answers some common questions here.
  • Trans/Gender Resources

    A guide to navigating Carleton for trans students.
  • Ally Resources

    The basics of being a good Ally.
  • Queer Peers Program

    New to Carleton or new to coming out at gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, asexual, or questioning? Join the QP program and we will pair you with a junior or senior who will help you learn about being out at Carleton. Confidentiality guaranteed.
  • Committees & Policies

    Committees & policies related to LGBT issues, including the LGBT Council, Statement on Non-Discrimination, etc.
  • Housing

    Information on Q & A house and the College's statement on LGBT residential life.
  • Advising

    Advising resources for LGBT community members. Includes the GSC, the Chaplain, Student Health and Counseling, the Career Center, and peer support options.
  • Non-Carleton Resources

    Links & contact information for local, regional, and national LGBT resources.
  • Studying Abroad

    Resources for LGBTQ students studying on off-campus programs.