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Miscellaneous Account

Miscellaneous Account

Use the Miscellaneous Account screen to view or print your current miscellaneous statement.

This screen provides account activity from the beginning of the current school year to the day the account is accessed.

  • Charges listed may include library fines, car registration and parking fines, Student Health and Counseling and Residential Life charges and other charges that are non-tuition related
  • Credits listed include payments made and applied to the account

VISIT MAKE A PAYMENT to make an on-line payment.

The payment mailing address is:

Carleton College
Business Office
One North College Street
Northfield, MN 55057

Remember to identify the student's name and/or ID number on the check if you are not returning the top portion of the account statement.

For questions related to your miscellaneous account please contact Sandy Pieri in the Business Office at 507-222-4165 or