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Welcome to the Office of Human Resources

Strong House

Our Mission Statement

The goal of the Carleton College office of Human Resources is to foster an open work environment in which all employees feel welcomed, respected, and recognized for their contributions. Through a strong recruitment program, we seek a talented and competitive workforce that exemplifies diversity and teamwork.

The HR office provides service in the areas of employment, compensation, labor and employee relations, management consultation, training, benefits and HR information management systems to all Carleton College employees. Our department is committed to the highest standards of service and is continuously seeking to improve in all of these areas. Our office seeks to provide support to all employees, as well as effective and efficient communication of Carleton College policies and procedures.

What's New in Human Resources?

2015 Medical Benefit Changes

Carleton College will be changing medical plan providers for plan year 2015 (January 2015) to HealthPartners.  For more information and frequently asked questions, please check out the "2015  Medical Page" here.

Consult A Doctor (Teledoc)

Effective June 23, 2014, Consult A Doctor will become formally known as Teledoc.  Employees' member ID cards will remain the same and the vendor's contact number and website remain unchanged.  For those members who have used this benefit in the past, you will be required to set up a new user name and password on line and update your medical history.  Unfortunately, there is no ability to transfer this information from the current platform.

In order to do this, members can complete this process by calling 1-800-DOC-CONSULT (1-800-362-2667) or online at (click "Set up account" to register and click "My Medical History" to update your medical history disclosure.

For New Employees-- "First Year Information" (FYI) Series 

The "First Year Information" (FYI) Series is for employees with less than one year of employment to bring them "on board" with learning about Carleton.  The series consists of three sessions within the employees first year that will cover many of the departments, services, training, benefits, people, and other information to help them work and thrive at Carleton.

There will be one session each term and each session has different information regarding Carleton.  The next session will be held May 29 starting at 9:30 am in the AGH meeting room.  Each session will provide lunch for all participants.

If you are a new employee to Carleton within the past year or an employee that would like to learn more about Carleton and would like to attend this event please contact Melanie at to participate!