Jeffrey Bissoy-Mattis

Jeffrey Bissoy-Mattis


Me llamo Jeffrey Bissoy-Mattis, I am a rising Sophomore from St. Paul, Minnesota. I was born in Yaoundé, Cameroon and I moved to Minnesota when I was five. I love to play soccer and basketball and learning about new cultures. I am fluent in both French and English, and am currently working on mastering Spanish.  I am also potential French and Spanish Major. During my first year at Carleton I was involved with Men of Color, African-Caribbean Association, Club soccer, and the Varsity soccer team. I also participated in a lot of IM sports which is some of the most fun you’ll ever have, but that’s just me. I found that keeping myself occupied with multiple activities helped me meet a lot of people and also keep me organized. The best moments I’ve had here at Carleton has been getting to meet the people, I feel like they are my motivation to become better because they’re all amazing. They’re some of the most incredible people you’ll ever meet, and that makes the college experience that much better. The more comfortable you are with the campus and the people the easier the academics and everything else falls into place.


What are the academics at Carleton?

Having just ended my first year, I can honestly say that it was quite the mission to finally understand how to be successful. Everyone has a different experience, and mine was rather difficult. I struggled a lot with time management and lost a lot of sleep due to all the work I had. As the year went by I got more acclimated to the system and from there on everything fell into place. I got familiar with what to study, how to study, when to ask questions, and other things of that nature. I’ve enjoyed all the classed I’ve taken thus far here and all my professors have been very invested in your success in the classroom. They are very welcoming and always want the best out of you, and when you’re not doing your best sometimes they may call you out. I’ve gotten called out a couple times by prof; it’s not a good look. They approach you at the end of a class and ask you what’s going on, how are you feeling about the class and the topics, and if there is anything they can do to help you get better? They also sometimes force you to come to their office hours, it may seem a little scary but it really isn’t.

How does one manage time at Carleton?

As I stated earlier, time management was one weakness this past year. However, along with the academics as the year went on I got better at it. I used activities to help me build a good schedule. Knowing that I had some type of activity at night, forced me to get most of work done earlier that way I could get some much needed sleep that night. Spring term, which was by far my most successful term, I finally figured it out. I learned to balance three most important things in college; sleep, school, and your friends. I had a very strict routine of doing all my work after classes and trying to finish them before dinnertime, which give me time during dinner and afterwards to socialize, work out, and really just prepare myself for the following days. Another thing that I learned is how to prioritize assignments for different classes, and that helped me a lot when I really needed to get things done.