Andry Sitara Ulrich DeJong

Andry Sitara Ulrich DeJong



Hello class of 2017 – welcome to Carleton! My name is Andry Sitara Ulrich DeJong (yes it’s rather long and quite unpronounceable – but Andry rhymes with laundry if that helps!)

I am majoring in English, getting a language certificate in French and an English teaching license through Carleton’s Education Department. I have an American passport, but I was born and raised in southern India, lived for two years in Madagascar and first moved to America when I joined Carleton in 2011.

I have three older brothers, one older sister and a dog called Shambho. I love the pockets of time where you forget that the world belongs to tomorrow. I am helpless over the beauty, the power, and the simple truths of words. Other than that, I love dancing. And pies. Don’t mess with my pies.

1. What excited you about being at Carleton?

ISO is kinda awesome. You get free pizza and all that weird multi-colored American candy that my parents had banned during my childhood.  But seriously speaking, joining Carleton was one of the best decisions I could have made. It allows you to explore anything you want and supports you in the process. The limitless clubs and interest groups allow you to branch out. And the people themselves are wonderfully accepting.

2. What is something you wish you had been better prepared for before arriving to Carleton?

This is hard to answer because everyone’s struggles are unique and one can’t predict the difficulties of the coming years. Personally, I sometimes wish that I had been better prepared to face the caliber of academics and more braced against the shock of American culture. Yet I have no regrets, as it was these very same struggles that have allowed me to better understand this new environment that I’m living in. I suppose the one thing that most of us are not prepared for is the weather – get a good coat because the Minnesota winters are no joke! And a spare pair of gloves – they tend to disappear.