Cathy (Sijin) Chen

Hey, I'm Cathy, a junior psychology major, from Shenyang, China. In Carleton, I’m involved in many cultural events, like International Festival and Spring Festival. I’m also the vice president of Chinese Club, which is the biggest cultural group on campus. I worked in admissions and gave tours to perspective students so anytime you need a tour around campus. I’m not a great athlete but I enjoy playing Frisbee, soccer, and scuba diving. Last year, I studied abroad in Prague and Australia, and had so many adventures. I dived with turtles and sharks, lived with kangaroos, and snorkeled everyday in the Great Barrier Reef. I’m super extroverted and I love spending time with my friends. People here are AMAZING.


1. What are the academics at Carleton?

In Carleton, you know you are never alone, even when you are doing your homework at 4am Saturday morning, there will be people with you. It’s awesome to able to meet new people everyday and hear about their stories. Friday flower is my favorite tradition on campus. Every Friday, the flower company will deliver flowers to campus and students will send flowers and love notes to their friends. Flowers make my week. Carleton really feels like home for me.

2. How does one manage time at Carleton?

When I first came here, I was really nervous about meeting new people. I was kinda stuck in my little bubble. It took me a while before I opened up to people, expressed my feelings and trusted people. I wish I were better prepared to embrace the new environment. Also, WEATHER is definitely something I did not expect. We have the term “Minnesota winter” for a reason, but you’ll survive. In fact, we have so much fun in winter, such as sledding, hot coco, skiing and ice-skating!