Eric "Zifeng" Wang

Hello Everybody! My name is Zifeng "Eric" Wang, and I’m in the Carleton class of 2018. My hometown is Shenyang, Liaoning, a city in northeastern China with equally beautiful (and equally cold) winters as Minnesota. At Carleton I’m member of Chinese Club and ASIA. I also love playing Intramural basketball and going on CANOE trips! My potential major is Environmental Studies but I’m also fond of learning history and different cultures of the world. My hobby list includes: cooking (especially authentic Chinese cuisines!!!), travelling, visiting museums and playing many kinds of sports. There’ll be a lot of exciting things that we can explore together on campus at Carleton! I look forward to meeting you all in this fall~ I promise that the ISO will be one of the greatest experience (and the first!) experience you’ll have at Carleton. If you have any question about me or about Carleton, feel free to contact me at I’ll be more than excited to get to know each of you!

1. What excites you about being at Carleton?

I’m excited about being at Carleton since everybody here is so nice and helpful!!! The relationship with professors and faculties is one of friendship so it never makes you feel uneasy to go to their office to ask questions or simply to have some leisure talks. The community here makes it easy for people bond with each other ---- not long after the term starts you’ll find yourself saying “Hi” to everybody on your way to class. Besides, when you need help, the professors, faculties, students and even the townspeople in Northfield around you are always willing to give you a hand. A more exciting fact about Carleton is that people here are not only nice but also so good at HAVING FUN!!! Grab a tray to slide down the hill at Bell Field after submitting a research paper! Join the silence dance party with everybody in the library on the night before the final exams! Set aside the readings on hand, go outside and play some Frisbee with friends on Bald Spot to enjoy the balmy spring weather! We all have tons of works to do but we also know how to find happiness in our busy life. That’s exactly the exciting part of life for me at Carleton.


2. What is something you wish you had been better prepared for before arriving to Carleton?

Everybody deserves a super laid-back summer hanging out a lot with friends after high school graduation. But college reading and writing proved to be quite a challenge for me! It always feels great to get supports from professors’ office hours or the Writing Center but every time you meet with them they really try to push you forward to a higher level and require you to delve deeper into the issues that you are writing about. Be prepared to read hundreds of profound pages that you may struggle a lot to understand. Be prepared to get your mind blown by the ideas put forward by your classmates and professors during the class discussions. Be prepared to proofread and revise your papers again and again before getting surprised by how far you’ve got. Don’t be scared, academics at Carleton seems to be very challenging for everybody, especially for international students, but everybody will get through it, ending up with amazing progresses and growth.