Intercultural & International Student Organizations

If you are interested in any of the following student organizations, contact the Office of Intercultural Life to find out how to get in touch with them.


The objective of the Carleton African Student Association is to increase awareness about Africa and to broaden the African community at Carleton. Membership is open to the entire Carleton community.


Asian American Students In America is an organization formed to meet the needs of the Asian and Asian American community at Carleton as well as other members of the Carleton Community with an interest in Asian culture and/or issues that Asian and Asian American students face. ASIA provides a forum for members to fulfill their cultural, social, educational, and political needs. (Join the ASIA listserv)

Other organizations serving Asian and Asian American students include:

  • BARKADA Filipino Student Association
    --Join the Barkada listserv
  • CHS Coalition of Hmong Students
    --Join the CHS listserv
  • DESI Dedicated to the Exploration of South-Asian Interests
  • KSA Korean Students in America
  • Tim Viet Vietnamese Student organization


The purposes of the Black Student Alliance are to provide a support base for students of African descent, sponsor Black cultural events, and promote awareness of issues in and about the Black community to enrich the lives of all at Carleton. Visit our website!


The Coalition of Women of Color is an organization that creates an environment for women on the Carleton campus that is supportive, fun, and serves as a resource. As a group, COWOC acts upon the cultural, economic, and political issues that affect women of color in our society.


Latino American Students Organization is dedicated to providing a supportive and comfortable environment for Latina/o students at Carleton. The major goal of LASO is the education of Latina/o students and the Carleton community on the history, culture, and current issues/events of Latina/o communities. LASO events and membership are always open to the entire Carleton community.

Phase 2

Phase 2 was started as a club for the multiracial students on campus who desire a place where they can come to grips with all aspects of their identity or heritage. It is open to all students on campus with the hope that stronger bridges between all the different cultures on campus can be built.

Men of Color

MOC serves as a support network and resource to educate and empower male students of color at Carleton. MOC also encourages campus-wide meaningful and thoughtful discussions as well as actions on multicultural and gender issues pertaining to men of color in the Carleton community.

Minority Students PreHealth Coalition

The Minority Students PreHealth Coalition serves as a support system for minority students interested in going to medical school, graduate schools in the sciences, or other pre-health professions. We invite all pre-health students, not only minorities students to participate in our activities. MSPC website:


Pangea, the International Students Club, provides a support group for international students, helping them discover and adapt to life in the US. We increase awareness of international issues and foreign cultures on campus, facilitate communication, and build cultural bridges between international and American students.

A note on multicultural student organizations

The existing multicultural organizations were developed by groups of students who had the desire and saw a need for a group to support their common interests. The Office of Intercultural Life is always open to new ideas in areas in which students see a need for greater community.