Mission Statement

The Mission of ITS is to oversee the information technology infrastructure that supports the educational mission of Carleton College.   More specifically,

What we do:

-          Provide technology services (directly or through outside providers)
-          Partner with Carleton constituents in acquiring technology that serves the College
-          Provide stewardship for electronic information and technology services
-          Explore and evaluate technology trends that could further the College‚Äôs mission
-          Strengthen Carleton community members in their ability to leverage technologies

How we do it:

-          With a focus on excellence, creativity and openness
-          In a spirit of teamwork and mutual support as we seek practical and innovative practices
-          Embracing campus partnerships in defining needs and evaluating trade-offs
-          Using transparent and evidence-based decision-making
-          Utilizing clear processes that articulate our commitments and enable us to meet them
-          And whenever possible, with good humor