ITS Organizational Structure

CTO Group
    Janet Scannell  (Chief Technology Officer)
    *Rich Graves  (Sr. Unix Administrator and Information Security Officer)
    Candy Lelm  (Office Manager and Technology Purchasing Coordinator)

Technology Support Group (TSG)

    Austin Robinson-Coolidge  (Director)   

    Kevin Chapman  (Computing Support Specialist)
    Travis Freudenberg  (Computing Support Specialist)  
    open position  (Computing Support Specialist)  

    Desktop Hardware & Software:
    Rebecca Barkmeier  (Desktop Systems Administrator)
    Michael Decker  (Hardware Asset Manager)
    Ashley Shaw  (Assistant Hardware Asset Manager, 6 months)

    PEPS Team:
    Jim Pierret  (Presentation Technology Specialist)
    Tammy Wellentin  (Technical Support Specialist)

Enterprise Information Services  (EIS)
    Julie Creamer  (Director)

    Jeremy Kramer  (Applications Support Programmer)
    Sara Oster  (Database Administrator)
    Neal Weeg  (Applications Support Programmer)

    Reporting and Document Management:
    Russ Bauer  (Enterprise Analyst/Developer)
    Richard Goerwitz (Database Administrator & Integrator/Data Warehouse Architect

    Campus Applications and Data Integration:
    *Mark Heiman  (Sr. Web Applications Developer)
    *Matt Lauterbach  (Enterprise Application Administrator)

Academic Technology
    Janet Russell (Director)  

    Teaching & Learning:
    Carly Born  (Academic Technologist)
    Elise Braden  (Academic Technology Associate, 1 yr)
    Doug Foxgrover  (Communications and Training Coordinator)
    Randy Hoffner  (Science Support Specialist)
    Paula Lackie  (Academic Technologist)   

    Application Specialists:
    *Willy Lee  (Web Administrator / Developer)

    PEPS Team:
    Dann Hurlburt  (Media and Design Specialist)
    Matt Lundberg  (Event Support Specialist)

Systems and Infrastructure Group
    Dave Flynn (Manager)

    System Administrators:
    Sean Azelton  (Lead Systems Engineer)
    *Rich Graves  (Sr. Unix Administrator and Information Security Officer)
    Bryan Reed  (Systems Administrator, 3yr)   
    open position  (Sr. Unix Administrator)   

    Networking and Telecom:
    Chris Dlugosz  (Network Architect)   

    Applications, Identity and Systems Integration:
    Troy Barkmeier  (Desktop Systems Administrator)
    Les LaCroix  (Strategic Technologist)
    Sande Nissen  (Desktop Systems Administrator)

Web Services (ITS and College Communications)

    Technology & Integration:
    Julie Anderson  (Director)
    Liam Everett  (Technical Associate, 1yr)
    Tom Feiler  (Sr. Web Application Developer)
    *Mark Heiman  (Sr. Web Application Developer)
    *Willy Lee  (Web Administrator / Developer)
    *Matt Lauterbach  (Enterprise Application Administrator)

    Marketing Communications & Content Development:
    *Jaye Lawrence  (Director)
    Steve Bentley  (Web Designer)
    Doug Bratland  (Web Content Specialist)
    Matt Ryan  (Associate Director of Web Communications and Development)

  * = member of multiple groups