ITS Update

Major work on The Hub over Thanksgiving

November 21, 2013

Colleague and The Hub will be unavailable during the long Thanksgiving weekend, starting on Thursday at 8 am.  Here's why:

Ellucian, the company that makes Colleague and The Hub, has been moving away from their old database (Unidata) for a number of years, towards a more industry-standard solution.  This is part of their roadmap which will eventually improve the look and feel of The Hub.

We started preparing for this migration in November of 2010, requiring the long timeframe to rewrite almost everything we’d developed over the past 20 years.  In many cases we worked with departments to completely redesign the reports to address the current needs of their department.

A 4-day window is now needed to complete the migration.  Because all our data will be migrated at one time, the work cannot be staggered.  

Look for an email on Monday, Dec 2nd, signalling that The Hub is back up and running for all.