ITS Update

Tip - Print jobs only when you're ready for them

February 12, 2014

There may be occasions when you have something private to print (such as student transcripts), that you don't want to leave by the printer for others to see.  Or perhaps you have a big job that you know will tie up the printer for a few minutes.  Now you can print these jobs only when you're ready and waiting for them at the printer itself.

On the Canon C5051 multifunction printers on campus, you can send a "secured print" job, which is held at the device until you arrive to release it. Here's how to do it.

To send a secured print job from your Windows computer:

  1. In your Windows application, choose to Print. Depending on the application, select a button named "Print Options" or "Preferences". Choose a Properties button only if you don't see either of the others.
  2. You're now seeing the Canon printer driver. On the Page Setup tab, change the Output Method to Secured Print, and click OK to clear the popup message.
  3. Change any other options you want, then choose the OK button to close the driver, then choose the Print button in your application.
  4. A popup dialog box appears titled "Confirm PIN", with the name of your document. Enter your Carleton NetID in the User Name field (if it's not already there), then enter a number of 4 to 7 digits in the PIN field. Don't forget this number; you won't be able to retrieve the document without it.

To send a secured print job from your Mac computer;

Note: You will need to install the latest version of the ImageRunner Advance C5051 PostScript driver for these features to work.  (Please contact the ITS Helpdesk for help installing the correct print driver.)

  1. In your application, choose the Print option.
  2. Choose the pull-down menu in the middle of the popup window that reads "Copies and Pages" and select Special Features
  3. Under Job Processing, select "Secured Print"
  4. Click Print
  5. You will be prompted to enter a document name (which you will use to identify your document at the printer), and a unique PIN that will be used to release the document at the printer.

Here's how you release and print a secured print job at the MFP (you'll need a oneCard):

  1. From the MFP hardware buttons on the left, choose Main Menu. Then on the MFP front panel, choose the Show All button (toward the top right). In the middle of all the buttons choose the one titled Secured Print.
  2. The front panel displays a graphic titled "Insert a card". Swipe any oneCard on the terminal as you do when making copies, including the A key and department code if that's how you usually copy. No copies will be charged to the card, but you must complete the authorization process before the MFP will continue.
  3. You're now seeing the Secured Print job list, so find and select your job, then choose the Secured Print button (at the bottom right, with a lock and key icon).
  4. The front panel now prompts you to "Enter the PIN by the numeric keys", which means to use the hardware number pad on the MFP. This is the PIN number you created when you printed the job at your computer; enter it now and then choose OK.
  5. Your job prints, and then disappears from the Secured Print list. Choose the Main Menu hardware button on the MFP to clear the display, and use the Quit button on the oneCard terminal to clear your authorization.

For problems or additional help, please contact the Helpdesk  (email: helpdesk, phone: x5999).