ITS Update

Carleton and St Olaf to combine IT expertise

February 13, 2014

Consider this situation:  you are at home, you are about to start your laundry, when suddenly your washing machine stops and displays the number ER128.  What do you do?

In today’s world, one easy option is to go to the manufacturer’s web site and search for error ER128.  Many companies have support systems with documentation on their products and a web interface to that information.

Similarly, Carleton ITS supports a large array of hardware and software, and has built a support knowledgebase system on campus known as ‘Carlpedia’.  Since much of the hardware and software used at Carleton is also used at other college campuses, it makes some sense to combine forces with others to build a more robust library of documentation that can be shared between colleges.  This is the goal of one of the St Olaf and Carleton collaboration projects.  We will be building a new implementation of Carleton’s Carlpedia (with a new name) that will be shared across campuses.  This will help both colleges gain quick access to accurate information, and will also help us look for ways to improve sharing of technical support.

If you have feedback or ideas for either the current or future versions of Carlpedia, please contact Julie Creamer in ITS (email: jcreamer, phone: x4280).

Click on the logo below to see the current version of Carlpedia.