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Jun 17

"Carleton" wireless renamed to "Carleton Guest" wireless

The guest wireless network is being renamed, from "Carleton" to "Carleton Guest".

Monday, June 17th, 2013
7:00 – 8:00 am

The name of Carleton's guest wireless network will be changed from just "Carleton" to "Carleton Guest".

Note: Some guests may have to reconfigure their devices to use the "Carleton Guest" wireless network.

Information about setting up your computer or other device to use wireless at Carleton can be found here: 

Why the change?

There are two main reasons for this change. First, in response to feedback, we think that this will make it more obvious to campus visitors which of the wireless networks they should use. Second, it will remove some ambiguity during discussions about the larger campus network. (When someone talks about the Carleton network, they could be referring either to the guest wireless network or to the campus network as a whole).

Why does this matter?

Wireless devices (laptops, smart phones, iPads, etc.) which are registered on the "Carleton" network look for a network with that specific name. When that name goes away, the device will simply reports that it "cannot connect".  At that point, the owner must tell the device to forget about "Carleton" and instead connect to "Carleton Guest". This should only be necessary once (per device), but it is an extra step that must be done.

People who have devices which move from the old ("Carleton") to the new ("Carleton Guest") network will not have to re-register that device, but they still need to choose the new "Carleton Guest" network. 

Note: Carleton faculty, staff and students should not use the "Carleton" or "Carleton Guest" wireless network.  Carleton faculty, staff and students should use the "eduroam" wireless network.)

When are we adding the new network?

We plan to activate the new wireless network (Carleton Guest) on March 31st.  It will run in parallel with the old network (Carleton) throughout the term. All corresponding documentation (online and handouts) will be updated at that time to direct guests to use the new network (Carleton Guest).

When does the old network disappear?

The old network (just "Carleton") will disappear on Monday, June 17th

This date immediately follows Commencement weekend (by which time families and other guests are likely to have left). It is also a day or two before Reunion so that the new "Carleton Guest" network will be the only (and obvious) choice for our alums and their families. It is also before the start of the Summer Academic Programs.

 If you have any questions or difficulty getting on the wireless network, please contact the ITS Helpdesk at 507 222 5999 (on campus, x 5999), or via email at:

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