Computers and Microsoft Office for personal purchasing

Information Before You Buy

Before you purchase a new computer, you may wish to brush up on some of the details that define what you eventually purchase. Carleton ITS has put together a primer on things to consider prior to purchasing.


There are many companies that make computers. Carleton College primarily purchases Apple, Dell, and Lenovo products. The following links will direct you to our vendors:

  • Apple - Apple offers an educational discount on selected products to all Carleton students and employees through the Apple Store for Education.
  • Dell - This link accesses the Dell website via Carleton's discount program, and currently allows you shop their entire product line.  Note that you must access the store via this link in order for the discount to apply.
  • Lenovo (formerly IBM) - Lenovo does not offer any Carleton-specific discounts.

Microsoft Home Use Program
How to get a copy of Microsoft Office for your home computer.

Battery Recall Information

Some models of older Apple, Dell, IBM, or Lenovo portable notebook computers may have one of the overheating, Sony batteries that were in the news a few years ago.

All these vendors are now offering free replacement batteries for certain models. Here are the links to redeem each offer:

Apple models affected are IBook G4 and PowerBook G4: Contact Apple for information on their battery recall program.

Dell models affected are most Latitudes, Inspirons, Precisions, and XPS:

IBM/Lenovo models affected are ThinkPads T43, T43p, T60, R51e, R52, R60, R60e, X60, X60s: