Employment Opportunities at the Gould Library

Current openings

Library Acquisitions Manager

The Acquisitions Manager is a member of the Technical Services Department, and contributes to accomplishing departmental objectives which include building a library collection that closely supports the college’s goal of academic excellence, acquiring needed resources in a timely and economical manner, and effectively organizing and presenting library collections.

The Acquisitions Manager provides leadership, expertise, and management relating to: acquiring, and fiscal accounting for, all materials added to the library collections, including budget analyses and development. Has a high level of personal contact and communicates on a regular basis with faculty, staff and external service providers, including publishers, vendors and other suppliers. Scans the information landscape to identify promising new approaches to the acquisition and budget tracking for materials-particularly electronic resources. Works closely with all staff in a Technical Services department combining acquisitions, serials, cataloging, and government documents, as well as with other segments of the library, campus and consortium community on information organization & access needs.

This position works with counterparts at St. Olaf to manage, operate, and develop the shared ILS and pursue other consortia initiatives. Participates in departmental, library, consortia and college committees/meetings.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Directs all acquisitions operations, including ordering, receiving, invoice processing, and claiming for firm, continuous, and standing orders for books, media, and e-resources.
  • Ensures timely processing of order requests, newly-received materials, invoices, and gifts-in-kind.
  • Works with outside vendors on negotiating discounts, purchasing, and account maintenance.
  • Trains and provides daily supervision for other staff working on acquisitions activities.
  • Monitors acquisitions operations for maximum effectiveness.
  • Ensures timely payment of invoices and reconciles Library accounting records with those of the College Business Office.
  • Maintains accurate & current financial records for all library materials budgets, including 50+ endowed funds for special purposes (approximately $2.5 million in 2016).
  • Coordinates acquisitions workflow with Collection Development and Cataloging.
  • Works closely with Collection Development staff and College Librarian in preparing allocations for library accounts, reports on expenditures for materials received via firm, continuous and standing orders, and budget scenarios/projections for books, media, a-resources, and binding/preservation*
  • Responds to requests from faculty and others for non-routine acquisitions needs.
  • Compiles statistics, analyzes data, and prepares reports relating to areas of responsibility, in support of departmental, library, and college goals.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Develops, revises and maintains acquisitions policies and procedures in collaboration with others in department and library.
  • Serves as a resource person for other staff concerning acquisitions procedures, funds, and electronic resource orders.
  • Works cooperatively with other Technical Services staff to achieve department and library objectives. Assists in other Technical Services activities, as needed.
  • Participates in departmental, library, college meetings, committees, events, etc., as appropriate or assigned.
  • This position also supports the Bridge Consortium and works collaboratively and in tandem with peers at the St. Olaf College Libraries to ensure that work is not duplicated and that costs are contained or reduced. Additionally, this position may be asked to provide services to the St. Olaf College Libraries and will participate in all appropriate Bridge working groups, meetings, and functions.
  • Other responsibilities, as assigned and as needs change.

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Minimum of two years experience working in a library or other highly relevant environment.
  • Familiarity with accounting procedures, spreadsheets, databases, etc.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with financial data quickly and accurately.
  • Working knowledge of current library acquisitions issues and approaches.
  • Proficiency with PCs and standard office software for word processing, spreadsheet, database programs and web searching skills.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Flexibility to cope positively with complex problems in a rapidly-changing work environment.
  • Ability to incorporate new technologies and innovations into existing operations.
  • Demonstrated initiative, sound judgment, intellectual curiosity, and desire to learn.
  • Outstanding oral and written communication and problem solving skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, including the proven ability to work cooperatively and creatively with others, both inside and outside the organization.
  • Strong service orientation.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience in acquiring library materials in all formats, including electronic resources.
  • Experience working with domestic and international vendors, publishers, and electronic service providers.
  • Experience with MARC records.
  • Knowledge of one or more non-English languages.
  • Experience using Ex Libris’ Alma or another library management system.
  • Supervisory and/or training experience.
  • Academic library experience, preferably in a liberal arts college setting.
  • Understanding of the mission, values, goals and pedagogical approaches employed in liberal arts colleges.

For more information and to apply:  See the posting on the Carleton Employment Opportunities website.  https://jobs.carleton.edu/postings/2943

Curator, Robert C. Larson ’56 Art in the Library Program

The mission of the Robert C. Larson ’56 Art in the Library Program is to bring library users into daily contact with works of art, artifacts, and natural objects in a spirit of discovery and learning.

The Curator will lead the program of art and of book-related exhibitions for the Carleton College Gould Library. The purpose of this program is to:

  • Support the curriculum and student learning.
  • Develop curricular-based exhibits working with specific faculty and courses.
  • Highlight art, books, and other materials from the college collections and from other regional collections.
  • Contribute to the daily visual and intellectual experience of college students, cultivating the next generation of supporters of cultural educational institutions.
  • Working in close cooperation with the staff of the Perlman Teaching Museum, the faculty, and the library staff, the Curator will continue the tradition of the library as a place for engaging with art and exhibitions.

Essential Job Responsibilities

  • Plan schedule of curricular and non-curricular library exhibitions annually.
  • Develop exhibits that showcase the liberal arts.
  • Develop art and book-related exhibits and displays in their full programmatic dimensions, including research, design, and display.
  • Work with faculty to plan and facilitate curricular exhibitions, including planning and leading sessions on curation, exhibition planning, label writing, and basic design with students. Work closely with faculty and students over the course of a term to produce the exhibition
  • Work closely with library staff to integrate library art and exhibitions into the fabric of library programs and operations, and into the life of the college.
  • Select and install art in the library; coordinate work on site-specific art installations and commissions.
  • Plan and coordinate educational programming, receptions, and attendant activities; write and produce reports, labels, exhibit brochures, etc.
  • Maintain and enhance exhibit-related web pages and create new online exhibits.
  • Continue cooperation between the Gould Library and Perlman Teaching Museum through close and constant collaboration with the Curator of the College Art Collection and staff.
  • Develop partnerships with regional museums and arts organizations.
  • Supervise a student assistant.

Additional Responsibilities

This position is a member of the Bridge Consortium and works collaboratively and in tandem with peers at the St. Olaf College libraries to ensure that work is not duplicated and that costs are contained or reduced.

Additionally, this position may be asked to provide services to the St. Olaf College libraries, and is responsible for participating in all appropriate Bridge working groups, meetings, and functions.

Required Qualifications

Two or more years of experience working in a museum environment with knowledge of installation and interpretive techniques or an equivalent combination of education or experience.

Strong organizational, research, written communication skills, and skills or interest in exhibition design.

Superb people skills with a high degree of flexibility are essential characteristics for success in this position. Candidates must be well organized and have the ability to handle multiple tasks and work under pressure.

Preferred Qualifications

M.A. in art, art history or related area preferred.

Library, archives, or other book exhibit/curatorial experience are highly desirable, but not required. It is expected that art curatorial experience will be transferable to the book-related part of the job.

Experience in educational programming and outreach programs, and experience with web page design and production are highly desirable. Additional desirable skills include photo documentation, label and poster design.

Experience with Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop and InDesign are also helpful. Demonstrated experience in forging collaborations and partnerships, particularly in boundary-crossing ways, is highly desirable.

For more information and to apply:  See the posting on the Carleton Employment Opportunities website.  https://jobs.carleton.edu/postings/2919