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Information and Policies

General Public Policy

This policy applies to members of the general public, defined as library users who are not current or emeritus faculty, staff, or students at Carleton College or St. Olaf College. While the Northfield Public Library and other neighboring community libraries are primarily for general public service and resource needs, Carleton gladly makes its resources available to the general public under the following policies.

Borrowing Library Materials

  • Northfield community members (15 mile radius of Northfield):
    o Books, Government Documents - 2 weeks
    o Periodicals (except those designated "non-circulating") - 1 week
    o Newspapers - in library use only
    o Reference materials - in library use only
    o Microfilm/Microfiche - in library use only
    o Media - no loan or viewing privileges
  • Users outside Northfield community
    All other public users can use materials while visiting the library.
  • Complete information about borrowing privileges outlines length of loans, as well as recall and overdue policies.


Library equipment (computers, scanners, copiers, etc.) is for use by Carleton students, faculty and staff. The general public is welcome to use equipment for a short period of time. However, when equipment demands are great within the Carleton community, library staff may request that members of the general public not use equipment.


Members of the general public will be respectful and show courtesy to the library staff and to other patrons. Observance of library policy and rules is expected at all times. Abuse of library privileges will result in a warning by the College Librarian, a Department Head, or the staff member who observes the incident, or a warning or stay off campus order issued by Campus Security.

Abuse of library policies may result in suspension of some or all library privileges or an order by Campus Security to stay off campus. Viewing pornography on computers in the library is strictly prohibited and will result in Security issuing a stay off campus order.

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