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Library Staff

General contact

Brad Schaffner Profile
College Librarian
Senior Lecturer
Matt Bailey's trading card, 2007-2009
Matt Bailey
Media Librarian and Reference & Instruction Lib. for Arts
Susan Beeby
Music Collections Curator
Acquisitions Specialist
Natalie Berg-Wall
Head of Loan Services
Vicki Burgess
Acquisitions Manager
Katherine Cooper
Interlibrary Loan Specialist
Jennifer Edwins
Assistant to the College Librarian & Bridge Coordinator
Carol Eyler
Head of Technical Services
Jason Hallen ’08
Circulation Supervisor/Technology Coordinator
Brenda Hellen
Circulation and Stacks Management Specialist
Eric Hillemann
Senior Associate in Archives
Susan Hoang
Reference and Instruction Librarian
Iris Jastram's trading card, 2007-2009
Iris Jastram
Reference & Instruc. Librarian for Languages and Literature
Terry Kissner
Rare Books, Preservation,and Collections Specialist
Tom Lamb
College Archivist
Head of Special Collections & Archives
Danya Leebaw's trading card, 2008-2009
Danya Leebaw
Reference & Instruction Librarian for Social Sciences
Hsianghui Liu-Spencer
Cataloging & Digital Services Librarian
Veronica Otte
Reserves Coordinator
Kristin Partlo's trading card, 2007-2009
Kristin Partlo
Reference & Instruction Librarian for Social Sciences & Data

Kristin's home page

AIM: GouldSocialSci
Yahoo: GouldSocialSci

Margaret Pezalla-Granlund
Curator of Library Art & Exhibitions
Charles Priore
Reference & Instruction Librarian for Sciences
Science Librarian
Priscilla Rygh
Cataloging Specialist
Christina Sinkler-Miller
Electronic Resources & Serials Librarian
Cindy Spehn
Administrative Assistant to the College Librarian
Heather Tompkins' trading card, 2007-2009
Heather Tompkins
Ref & Instr Librarian for Humanities & Govern. Publications
Kristi Wermager
Bibliographer & Curator of Special Collections
Nat Wilson
Library Technology Coordinator
Digital Archivist
Ann Zawistoski's trading card, 2007-2009
Ann Zawistoski ’97
Head of Reference and Instruction
Sam Demas
College Librarian, Emeritus
John Metz
College Librarian, Emeritus
Kathy Tezla
Research Associate
Ellie Schmidt ’14
Assistant Volleball Coach - Bw
Educational Associate in Art
Evening Supervisor
In Taek Hong ’14
Evening Supervisor
Archives Specialist
Bettina Wiesenthal ’14
Evening Supervisor
Kristin Hall
Periodicals Specialist