Library Staff

General contact

Brad Schaffner Profile
College Librarian
Senior Lecturer
Matt Bailey Profile
Media Librarian and Reference & Instruction Lib. for Arts
Natalie Berg-Wall
Head of Loan Services
Sarah Calhoun ’01 Profile
Ref & Instr Liaison to Humanities and Digital Scholarship
Katherine Cooper
Interlibrary Loan Specialist
Jennifer Edwins
Assistant to the College Librarian & Bridge Coordinator
Carol Eyler Profile
Head of Technical Services
Kristin Hall
Periodicals Specialist
Jason Hallen ’08
Circulation Librarian & Library Technology Coordinator
Brenda Hellen
Circulation and Stacks Management Specialist
Eric Hillemann
Senior Associate in Archives
Iris Jastram Profile
Reference & Instruc. Librarian for Languages and Literature
Terry Kissner
Special Collections and Preservation Specialist
Tom Lamb
College Archivist
Head of Special Collections & Archives
Danya Leebaw
Reference & Instruction Librarian for Social Sciences
Hsianghui Liu-Spencer
Cataloging & Digital Services Librarian
Courtney Mastin
Evening Supervisor
Sarah Olson ’15 Profile
Evening Supervisor
Veronica Otte
Reserves Coordinator
Kristin Partlo Profile
Reference & Instruction Librarian for Social Sciences & Data
Martin Patrick Profile
Bridge Electronic Resources & Media Cataloger
Claudia Peterson Profile
Reference & Instruction Liaison Librarian-Languages/Cultures
Russel Peterson ’15 Profile
Evening Supervisor
Margaret Pezalla-Granlund
Curator, Robert C. Larson '56 Art in the Library Program
Lisa Pillow
Collections Strategy and Development Librarian
Charles Priore Profile
Reference & Instruction Librarian for Sciences
Science Librarian
Priscilla Rygh
Cataloging Specialist
Susan Shirk
Acquisitions Specialist
Music Collections Curator
Pear Instructor of Martial Arts - Gumdo Sword
Christina Sinkler-Miller
Electronic Resources & Serials Librarian
Cindy Spehn
Administrative Assistant to the College Librarian
Kristi Wermager
Bibliographer & Curator of Special Collections
Nat Wilson Profile
Library Technology Coordinator
Digital Archivist
Ann Zawistoski ’97 Profile
Head of Reference and Instruction
Sam Demas Profile
College Librarian, Emeritus
John Metz Profile
College Librarian, Emeritus
Kathy Tezla
Research Associate