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Selection of the Month: March 2015

March Selection of the Month 2015 

Alpheus Hyatt (1838-1902)
Plate XXXVI.
Placenticeras Intercalare Meek.

Edited by T. W. Stanton
Pseudoceratites of the Cretaceous.
Washington: Government Printing Office, 1903
Gould Library Government Documents

The complex structures of these fossil shells are highlighted through several illustration techniques: photographic images record the exterior forms of the shells (figures 2 and 3 are the side and back views of a single shell); and hand-drawn images depict the fractal-like details of the sutures that join sections of the shell.

American paleontologist and zoologist Alpheus Hyatt had nearly completed this volume on fossil mollusks when he died. The final volume was edited and the illustrations arranged by T. W. (Timothy William) Stanton.