Iris Jastram

Name: Iris Jastram

Liaison to: American Studies, Asian Studies, Asian Languages & Literature, English, French & Francophone Studies, German, Linguistics, Literary and Cultural Studies, Music, Russian, Spanish


  • Omnidatabasism: The ability to decipher any database
  • Deftly navigates copyright law
  • Gifted with great Moodle dexterity


  • Strength sapped by puns


  • MLA International Bibliography

Contact Information:

I've been a librarian since 2005, when I came here to be the Librarian for Languages and Literature. One of my favorite parts of this job is working closely with the students and faculty I serve, coming up with ways to effectively facilitate teaching and learning.

When I'm not in the library the time flies by as I read (preferably in a good coffee shop), write, cook, take walks (except during the middle of winter), watch TV, and play with my gigantic cat, Pippin. (Some day I will learn to read only one book at a time, but I haven't yet developed that skill.) Other hobbies I enjoy when I get the chance include swing dancing, knitting, weaving, spinning, cross stitching, handbell playing, and singing.