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Friday 02/05/2016

Thursday 12/17/2015

Tuesday 11/24/2015

Tuesday 11/10/2015

Thursday 09/17/2015

  • OSF | Reproducibility Project: Psychology

    "Reproducibility is a defining feature of science, but the extent to which it characterizes current research is unknown. We conducted replications of 100 experimental and correlational studies published in three psychology journals using high-powered designs and original materials when available."
  • Psychology Is Not in Crisis - The New York Times

  • First results from psychology’s largest reproducibility test : Nature News & Comment

    "the “Reproducibility Project: Psychology”, is the largest of a wave of collaborative attempts to replicate previously published work, following reports of fraud and faulty statistical analysis as well as heated arguments about whether classic psychology studies were robust. One such ... more
  • AllTrials

    "Trials with negative results are twice as likely to remain unreported as those with positive results. This means that people who make decisions about medicines don’t have full information about the benefits and risks of treatments we use every day."
  • Scientists Are Hoarding Data And It’s Ruining Medical Research - BuzzFeed News

    Two economists generously subject their research data to independent reanalysis and vital errors are found. Sharing data is what makes the scientific sharing of results possible. "Because scientists don’t care if you wear a white coat, or how many letters ... more