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Students: Propose an Exhibition

Gould Library Art and Exhibitions Program, Student Artworks and Projects

Gould Library welcomes proposals for exhibiting student artworks and class projects. We’re not a museum or a gallery, but we do provide interesting spaces, some secure display opportunities, and a great audience: Carleton students, faculty and staff, alumni, community members who use the library, prospective students and family members.

We do require you to propose your display or exhibit in advance to the Library’s curator. Once approved, you will work with designated Library staff in setting up the display, and you must remove all materials at the agreed time. All artworks or exhibits must include information about the project, for the interest and information of Library users and visitors.

Advance proposal and approval: Think through what you want to exhibit, what you want to tell people about it, where in the Library it may be displayed, and what kind of facilities you need (For example: A wall to hang pictures on? A display case to lock small, valuable items in? A computer monitor to show images on?). Write up these ideas and e-mail or deliver your proposal in advance. Exhibit opportunities and facilities in the Library are limited.

Identification and interpretation: We want our Library visitors and users to enjoy and learn from the art and exhibits here. Library staff will produce didactic labels for identifying you and your work, and for telling—in your own words—something about the intention, background, or conclusions of your work. These may include: Your name and class; the title and medium or materials of your work; a brief statement about the artwork or project. This information must be submitted as a Word document, for formatting and fabrication by Library staff.

Installation: Plan to deliver and install your work in coordination with the Library staff, using only approved spaces and materials.

Removal: Plan to remove your work from the Library at the agreed time—not before that time, but not left after the term or school year either.

Please note that artworks or exhibits that do not meet these requirements will be removed or discarded at the owner’s risk.

Questions? Proposals? You can contact Margaret Pezalla-Granlund, Curator of Library Art and Exhibitions, via e-mail ( or phone (7182). 

Examples of past student exhibitions can be found here.