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  • Exciting news from Alumni Relations! Carleton is rolling out JSTOR access to alumni. JSTOR is a digital library of more than 1,900 academic journals, 15,000 books, and 2 million primary source objects available to more than 10,000 institutions in more than 160 countries. Through this program, we will now be able to provide Carleton alumni with full access to the same set of archival journals collections available to current students and faculty.

    JSTOR for Alumni

    Log in using your Carleton alumni credentials (username and password). If you do not have or cannot remember your credentials, please start at the Alumni Username/Password Help Page.  If you need further help, please contact the Alumni Relations office at 1-800-729-2586 or alumni-office@carleton.edu. There may be a slight delay between enabling your account and getting access to JSTOR, but it should be available the same day.  

  • Gould Library will be hiring 3 Reference & Instruction interns for the next academic year (2014-15).


    The Reference & Instruction department supports the teaching and learning goals of the college, with an emphasis on providing excellent library reference and research services to students, staff, and faculty.

    Reference & Instruction interns will get a chance to work with the librarians in providing these services, while learning about librarianship and information literacy, and providing a critical student perspective to our programs and services. The internship program will include training in information literacy and reference services through mentoring and shadowing and discussions. Interns will also get a chance to work on individual projects. The interns will also be introduced to other librarians and library professionals in the area.

    • Create, update, and maintain online / multimedia tutorials and Library Research Guides
    • Help with preparing for classes
    • Assist in assessment projects
    • Provide usability testing of library website and other online services
    • Develop shared materials for collaboration with St. Olaf
    • Help evaluate resources
    • Other projects as needed

    This position is paid, and set within a framework of goal-setting and evaluation. The R&I Interns, with other interns selected for this pilot project within the college, will find support in the Career Center.

    The application deadline is fast approaching: Monday, June 2nd. Submit a letter of interest, resume, and two references to the Tunnel (search for Carleton College as the employer) by midnight. For assistance with your application materials, please stop by the Career Center.

  • Bagel Break in the Libe

    March 13, 2014
    Need a break from studying? The Library will be serving bagels at 2:00 on Thursday, March 13th!

  • Due to the government shutdown, some government websites have gone dark, including the Census site. Other sites, including EPA and BLS, remain live and functioning. Other sites indicate they will not be updated regularly, such as PubMed or the Department of Energy.

    If you require documents or statistics from these sites for your research or teaching, please contact a librarian for alternative ideas.

    NOTE: the library subscribes to many databases that provide government information. Some suggestions for finding government information from the library databases during this time include:

    • Social Explorer for Census information
    • Proquest Statistical for a variety of statistics
    • Data-Planet for a variety of government data
    • MEDLINE for PubMed
    • ERIC through Proquest
    • Proquest Congressional for legislative updates and CRS reports
    • Intergovernmental organization websites for U.S. socioeconomic data such as WDI, IMF (library database), or UN sites.
    • Print books such as the U.S. Statistical Abstract.

    Ars Technica has a fairly complete list of which sites are down.

  • Gould Library is pleased to announce the addition of Northfield Flood 2010 to the Carleton Digital Collections. Photos, video, interviews, research papers, and geospatial data document the flood on the campus and Northfield, including community responses. The launch of this collection coincides with the third anniversary of the flood, which started on September 24, 2010. This is a growing collection! If you have items or stories to share, contact Heather Tompkins or Hsianghui Liu-Spencer.

  • Working from Off-Campus?

    August 22, 2013

    Working from off-campus? Click that red "Log-in for off-campus access" button up in the top right corner of the page, and you'll have access to everything just as if you were on campus.

  • Carleton Digital Collections have a new look
  • We've just added two new online resources to the Gould Library collection: British Literary Manuscripts Online and 19th Century Collections Online.

  • Stop by to answer the question of the day, and come this Thursday for root beet floats.

  • Toff the Cat



    “Toff Memorial Library” will honor beloved campus cat

    NORTHFIELD, MN, April 1, 2013 – Carleton College announced today that it will change the name of its library, formerly “Laurence McKinley Gould Library” to “Toff Memorial Library,” effective immediately. The new name honors beloved campus cat, Toff (1997-2011).

    The announcement comes on April 1, 2013, as the campus celebrates what would have been Toff’s 16th birthday. According to a librarian at the newly named Toff library, the decision stemmed from a few factors. “Toff embodied the characteristics that we hope to inspire in all Carleton students: curiosity, playfulness, overcoming obstacles (like doors), and of course, a love of the library.”

    The Toff Memorial Library had previously been named the “Laurence McKinley Gould Library” after the well-loved Carleton professor, president, and Antarctic explorer. “While we admired Gould’s story and place in Carleton’s history,” continued the librarian, “we found that students associate Gould with cold weather and harsh conditions, and especially after this year's winter, we just want to forget that cold weather exists. Toff, on the other hand, brings to mind warm, soft, and fuzzy thoughts.”

    The Toff Memorial Library will be celebrating the its new name, as well as Toff’s birthday with cat-themed treats, served today in the Toff Library lobby.

    Learn more about Toff and his legacy at Carleton College in the 2007 documentary.

  • Bagel Break

    March 12, 2013

    The Library will be serving Bagels on Tuesday, March 12th.

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