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Initiatives & Groups

We encourage faculty, staff, and students to join in, get involved, and keep the campus conversation vibrant through discussions and projects sponsored by the LTC. If you have questions about how to participate, please contact the LTC staff.

  • Academic Civic Engagement (ACE)

    Academic Civic Engagement at Carleton College is an approach to education focusing on community-based learning, community-based research, and service learning.
  • Community, Equity and Diversity Initiative (CEDI)

    The CEDI initiative is focused on developing Carleton's strategic plan to improve community and promote equity and diversity on campus.
  • Quantitative Inquiry, Reasoning, and Knowledge (QuIRK) Initiative

    QuIRK is an innovative project intended to help Carleton and other institutions of higher education better prepare students to evaluate and use quantitative quantitative reasoning in the development, evaluation, and presentation of principled argument.
  • Visualizing the Liberal Arts (Viz)

    The three-year Viz initiative is aimed at enabling Carleton to be a leader in developing innovative ways to address the challenges that faculty, students, and staff encounter as they work to create, interpret, and employ visual images, media, and models.
  • Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC)

    A faculty grant for the Summer of 2011 to design or redesign courses that will provide writing assignments suitable for the sophomore portfolio or for writing in the major.
  • Past Initiatives

    Past inintiatives sponsored or supported by the LTC.