Additional Services

Mail Services in Sayles-Hill offers these additional services for College business needs:

  • Presort and Automation discounts for eligible First Class Mail.
  • Preparation of eligible Non-Profit Mail.
  • Printing and application of Campus Mailing labels (three cents per label).
  • Printing and application of Outgoing Mailing labels (four cents per label).
  • Machine Tabbing (one cent per tab).
  • Hand Tabbing (three cents per tab).
  • Addressing of standard mailers, postcards, and envelopes. 
  • Stamps and Envelopes of various sizes for sale.
  • Stuffing of envelopes.  Note:  Envelopes are stuffed for Carleton Departments only and at a cost of $0.10 per piece. The cost is due to limitations of worker hours and available space.
  • Customs Forms ($5).  All other mail services will take precedence over processing Customs Forms.

NOTE: The processing of prepared, outgoing mail will always take priority over tabbing and stuffing jobs.

We understand that mailing requirements can often be confusing.  Don't be afraid to ask for our assistance!  We are here to help.