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Astro 113 Fall 2013 Photo Gallery

Will S. & Curtis V.

3-image mosaic of Moon, Nov 13, 2013



Ring Nebula M57, Nov 13, 2013

Jialun L.,  Kai H., Phuong D.



Jupiter and his Galilean Moons
(left to right: Ganymede, Callisto, Io , Europa)

Olivia O.



Double star Gamma Andromedae (Almach)

Olivia O. and Phuong D.

Olivia O. and Phuong D. Gamma Andromedae- Almach - (Double)


M57 Ring Nebula

Brittany S. & Megan M.

M57 Ring Nebula BrittanyS MeganM


4-image Moon mosaic

Leah C. & Melody J.

Moon-4image mosaic - Leah Melody


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