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  • Labyrinth

    Campus Scenery

    Tour Carleton's beautiful natural areas and outdoor spaces.
  • Goodsell Observatory


    Carleton's architecture ranges from historic Willis Hall to the contemporary Recreation Center.
  • Carleton College Football


    Carleton hosts 19 Varsity Athletic teams and another 50 student-organized Club Sports.
  • Festival of lights

    Student Activities

    Scenes of campus life, featuring art, music, frisbee, and frolicking.
  • Downtown Northfield


    This historic river town of 17,000 is home to two colleges, a thriving main street, and lots of charm and energy.
  • Headley House

    Residence Halls and Houses

    Look at some of the places where students live on campus.
  • Cowling Arboretum Fall '13

    The Arb

    Snapshots from Carleton's 880-acre natural arboretum.
  • How-To...

    Capture Your Carleton

    Share your own favorite photos of Carleton.