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Using the Carleton College Knight

The Knight is Carleton College's mascot. It is most often associated with athletics, and it does not replace the wordmark. Use approved, unaltered versions of the knight only. Faculty and staff members can download the knight here. Student organizations must contact the Office of Publications at x4181 for permission to use the knight. The knight may not be used to promote non-College activities or to imply the College's endorsement.


The knight should only be used in four prescribed colors. If it is being used over a white or light colored background, it should be used in black or in Carleton blue. If it is being used over a dark background, it should be used in white or Carleton maize.

knight color

Buffer Space

Leave a buffer space approximately as great as the distance from the top of the knight's helmet to the top of the plume between the knight and other graphic elements or the edge of the page.

knight buffer

Minimum Size

The knight should be at least .75" tall on any piece.

Using the Knight as a Graphic Element

The Office of Publications must approve any design that uses the knight as a graphic element. This includes designs that use the knight in a pattern or that crop, screen, or otherwise alter the knight. Examples are below.

graphic knight

Using the Knight in Combination with the Wordmark

The wordmark and the knight may be used seperately or combined. The guidelines for using the wordmark also apply to wordmark and knight combinations.

wordmark knight combination

Faculty and staff members may click here to download the knight.