Using the Carleton College Wordmark

The Carleton College wordmark is our official logo. It must be included on all publications and other visual communications developed for the College. Faculty and staff members can download the wordmark here. Student organizations must contact the Office of Publications at x4181 for permission to use the wordmark. The wordmark may not be used to promote non-College activities or to imply the College's endorsement.

Use approved, unaltered versions of the wordmark only--do not attempt to type the wordmark in a similar font or to incorporate it in a sentence. The wordmark is a graphic element, not a typestyle.

The wordmark should not be blended or incorporated into other logos and unit names, but it may be used with them as prescribed in the guidelines below.


The wordmark should only be used in four prescribed colors. If it is being used over a white or light colored background, it should be used in black or in Carleton blue. If it is being used over a dark background, it should be used in white or Carleton maize. Never screen (fade) the wordmark or print over it. You may print the wordmark over backgrounds and photos if there is enough contrast.

wordmark color correct

wordmark color wrong

Buffer Space

Leave a buffer space the height of the letter "C" between the wordmark and other graphic elements or the edge of the page.

wordmark buffer


Place the wordmark at the top or bottom of a piece, or on the cover or front. The wordmark should not be overshadowed by other elements, and it should not be sandwiched between other elements. Do not use the wordmark as part of a sentence or headline. Items near the wordmark should not use type that attempts to mimic the wordmark font.

Wordmark placement (sentence/font)

wordmark sandwiching

Minimum Size

On paper sizes 3"x5" and larger, the wordmark should be at least 1.5" high (or approximately 14 pt.). On paper sizes smaller than 3"x5", the wordmark should be at least 1.1" high (or approximately 10 pt.). On larger pieces (such as a banner) be sure that the wordmark is large enough to be legible and that it has a place of prominence on the piece.

Wordmark and Logo Combinations

The wordmark may not be incorporated or blended into another logo or name. It may be used in combination with a department's logo. Combining the wordmark with your department's logo demonstrates your unique connection to the College.

All of the guidelines above still apply to the wordmark when it is being used in combination with a logo. In addition, the guidelines for buffer space and placement apply to the wordmark and logo combination as well as to the wordmark itself.

Square rule: The combination of a the wordmark and logo may be no taller than it is wide. Horizontal logos used in combination with the wordmark must be the same width as the wordmark.

An example of a wordmark and logo combination is pictured below.

aaf logo

When using the wordmark and a logo in the same piece but not in combination with each other, remember that the wordmark and logo must be far enough apart not to appear grouped, and the wordmark must still be placed in a piece of prominence on the piece where it is not overshadowed by other elements (including any other logos).

The Office of Publications can help you design your wordmark and logo combination. Contact us at x4181 for more information.

Faculty and staff members may click here to download the Wordmark.