Nordic Skiing

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Club Officers, 2015-16

President: Katin Liphart
Vice-President: Anna Meyer
Treasurer: Jonah Hudson-Erdman
Safety Officer: Will Kay

Interested in the Nordic Ski Club? Contact Katin Liphart (

2015-2016 Practice Schedule

Monday-Friday: 3:30-5:30 PM
(Meet in Rec Center, Practice in Arb)

2015-2016 Roster

Abigail Walling
Adam Throne
Anna Robinson
Berit Hansen Goodge
Courtney Lunger
Daniel Kupetsky
Emma Link
Erin Arntson
Erin Carol Gustafson
Ernest Matthew Finney-Jordet
Hannah Barnstone
Hannah Marty
Il Shan Ng
Jonah Hudson-Erdman
Jonah Shaw
Jordan Pruszenski
Juliette Bobrow
Juliette Rose Bobrow
Kate Richardson
Katherine Rose Richardson
Katin Pilialoha Liphart
Kessa Andrews
Lauren Pflughoeft
Lucas Winter
Makala Hieshima
Mara Finkelstein
Maximillian Trostel
Maya Collier
Meg Crenshaw
Melissa Bain
Michael E A Habermann
Miguel Rincon Cervantes
Natasha Dietz
Nyla Worker
Peter Illig
Ruby Jaleh Kazemi
Ryan Baldwin
Sara Canilang
Sophie Homans
Syed Usama Amer
Thomas Scruggs
Zara Pylvainen
Zhao Zhaoxia


 About the Nordic Ski Club

Carleton Nordic Skiing Club is primarily a team of people who enjoy cross country skiing and racing at a competitive level. We train in the Fall and Winter. There is currently no full-time coach. To be a part of the club you need only limited prior experience but you will need your own equipment. We also hold free workshops, a fun ski race, and invite anyone interested to join us and start loving snow!

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