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Hours of Operation

Summer Hours
Recreation Center x4487

September 5 - Sept. 11
Monday – Friday         6:30am – 7pm
Saturday, Sept. 10       8am – 6pm
Sunday, Sept. 11          10am-6pm

Cowling x4431 (June 6 – Sept. 9)

Monday – Friday 11am-6:30pm
Saturday and Sunday CLOSED


LAP SWIM will re-start on Tuesday, Sept. 13th.

Stadium (June 6– Sept. 9)

Mon - Friday 10am-2:00pm

West Gym & West Thorpe Pool


Cowling Pool options listed above.

Fall Term Hours
Recreation Center x4487

Monday–Thursday               6:30am–11pm
Friday                               6:30am–10pm
Saturday                                 8am–8pm
Sunday                                10am–11pm

The Wall & Bouldering

Monday–Thursday                4:30-9:30pm
Friday                                         4-7pm
Sunday                                       2-5pm

Cowling - 4431

Monday–Thursday               7:30am–11pm
Friday                                     9am–9pm
Saturday                               10am–8pm
Sunday                                    12–11pm

Cowling Pool

Monday–Thursday                     7:30–9am
Tuesday/Thursday               12:30–1:30pm
Tuesday/Thursday                     4:30–6pm
Monday–Thursday                    8:30–10pm
Saturday/Sunday                           3–5pm

Stadium – 4050

Monday–Friday                          9am–8pm
Saturday                                   CLOSED
Sunday                                   11am–8pm

West Gym - 4159

Monday–Thursday                   11am–10pm
Friday                                     11am–8pm
Saturday                                   9am–6pm
Sunday                                      12-10pm

West Pool

Monday/Wednesday              12:30–1:30pm
Friday                                      Noon-1pm