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Mission Statement

The mission of the Carleton Recreation Center is to provide a broad program of sport, recreation, and fitness activities for students, faculty, and staff to enhance their personal lifestyle and improve the quality of life on the Carleton campus.

Our Vision

The Carleton Recreation Center promotes the desire of students, faculty, and staff to seek and maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle. The Center ensures that its environment and programs remain stimulating, challenging, and inviting. Recreation and leisure activities offered by the Carleton Recreation Center focus on integrating mind and body through positive traditional and non-traditional recreation and sport activities.

General Goals

  • The Recreation/Sports user comes first: our number one priority, at all times, is to serve the recreation/sports user. We are committed to meet or exceed facility expectations by providing fast, friendly, and helpful service.
  • Learn by listening: Center staff will listen and act on the needs and desires of students, faculty, and staff. We will communicate our plans, programs, and needs so that our users are partners in our success.
  • Set high standards: Center staff expects the best of themselves and their co-workers. Honesty, integrity, and trust are values embraced by staff.
  • Live within our means: The Recreation Center takes pride in its resources and work towards creative cost controls.
  • We are a team: Together Each shall Achieve More. The Recreation Center staff take the initiative, responsibility, and follow through with our commitments.