Quick Tips

Web Registration Tips

This document includes 5 tips that will help you register online. Detailed registration instructions are also viewable on The Hub's Help service.

Tip 1: All students will register for the upcoming term via The Hub. Go to the Registrar’s homepage and click on "The Hub" to log in. Click on “Registration and Courses” to review and access web registration functionality.  Click on the Help tab to review functionality for a given screen.

Registration priority times are viewable at http://apps.carleton.edu/campus/registrar/webregistration/priority/. You may also view your priority time by clicking on the “Am I Registration Ready?” link in The Hub. Priority times extend from 7-11 p.m. during the initial registration week. You will be able to register and make changes to your registration from your priority time through 4:00 p.m. the Friday before classes begin.

Tip 2: College policy dictates that you must discuss your upcoming registration with your adviser prior to registration. After doing so (and only AFTER doing so), go to The Hub, click on the “Confirm Advising Meeting” link, read the screen text, type in the name of the faculty member with whom you met and click on Submit. You can do this before your priority time; you will not be able to register until this step has been completed. You should understand that misrepresenting yourself during this registration step is considered a student conduct violation (i.e., knowingly furnishing false information to the College with intent to deceive).  Your registration will be deleted if you misrepresent yourself during this registration step and the conduct violation will be reported to the Academic Standing Committee.. 

College policy also dictates that you must update or confirm your emergency contact information within 100 days of registration. Click on the “Emergency Contact and Cell Phone” link in the About Me section to do this.

To find out whether you are cleared for registration, click on the “Am I Registration Ready?” link. If you’ve already done this, you should do it again—the registration holds were just entered. Here you will be able to view your priority time, your advising flag, any registration holds you need to clear before registering, and your emergency contact update status. Clear any registration holds with the appropriate department before the close of the last business day immediately preceding your priority time. Offices will not be open during evening priority times, so it is your responsibility to plan accordingly.

Tip 3:
You can check available class seats any time during registration week by clicking on “Search for Courses (Real Time)” or “Search for Courses (ENROLL)” on The Hub.

You can create your list of preferred sections prior to registration: knowing the synonym numbers for your proposed classes and using the “Express Registration” option will speed up this process.  Don't forget to indicate the correct number of credits for variable-credit courses like comps. When it's time to register you can just use the "Register for previously selected sections" link and select your final choices. Click on the “Register for Courses” link on The Hub to access these and other registration options.

Independent study registration is a paper process. You will not be able to register for these credits online. Complete and submit the proper paper forms to the Registrar’s Office during normal business hours. Independent study forms (290-292 and 390-392), Biology and Chemistry research forms (394), Physics/Astronomy Special Project forms (356) and Psychology Special Topics in Research (300)—as well as Music lessons scheduling forms and Studio Arts course application forms—are available at http://apps.carleton.edu/campus/registrar/student/registrationforms/.

Tip 4: You can waitlist classes during web registration. You can also drop yourself from a waitlist or check your waitlist number via the “Manage My Waitlist” link on the Register for Courses screen in The Hub. You may waitlist for a course which conflicts with a registered course. You are not allowed to waitlist for multiple sections of a course or for another section of a course in which you are enrolled. To waitlist a closed lecture/zero-credit lab pair, waitlist the zero-credit lab only.

You will not be allowed to register via the web for classes that have overlapping meeting times. Decide which course is more important to you and register for it. If you think you should be allowed to also register for the conflicting course, stop by the Registrar’s Office the next business day (M-F, 8-5) to discuss your situation.

Should you have technical difficulties while using web registration, the Help Desk (507-222-5999) will be available to help you during the 7-11 p.m. priority times. You can also register in one of the public computer labs on the first floor of CMC during that time frame; Help Desk staff will be ready to assist you, as needed.

Tip 5: After you have registered, you can make changes to your registration online through 4:00 p.m. the Friday before classes begin. You can register for open sections, drop classes, and waitlist closed sections. Through 4:00 pm the last day of classes for the preceding term, you can also register for “instructor permission required” courses by bringing your instructor’s permission on a signed slip of paper to the Registrar’s Office during office hours, M-F. Subsequent registrations or registration changes—including adding waitlisted courses—must be completed via a paper process beginning on the first day of classes and require use of the proper registration or drop/add cards; however, in some cases (for example, studio art courses) you might receive an email from the Registrar giving you permission to register online for a waitlisted course.  S/Cr/NC declaration and activation remains a paper process.

Tip 6: If you will be a junior or senior during the term you are registering for and wish to register for a sophomore priority course (or a senior, junior or sophomore and wish to register for a frosh priority course), you must waitlist the upperclass waitlist section of the course (identified by the WL characters following the course number:  e.g., WL0 or WL2).  Go to the first day of class to see if the instructor will let you add the course via a drop/add card.  If you will be a sophomore or a first-year student, you may register for an open sophomore priority course by registering for the main section of the course (no WL characters); if the section is closed, you may waitlist it.