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Staff at Carleton Minutes

September 20, 2005 (Sayles-Hill Lounge 10-11 a.m.)

Present: Co-chair Melissa Thomas, Co-chair Kris Peterson, Vicki Burgess, Kathy Cooper, Jennifer Cox-Johnson, Robbie Groth, Cris Jensen, Christine Krecji, Tami Little, Nina Mangelsen, Linda Mueller, Wendy Nordquist, Nance Nytes, Noel Ponder, Carolyn Soule, Carol Spessard, Nancy Sweeny, Nancy Loesch, Patt Germann, Faculty representative Melinda Russell, Staff Representative Fred Rogers, Becky Krogh

Co-chairs Kris Peterson and Melissa Thomas called the meeting to order.

Minutes of the Sept. 8 meeting were presented and approved.

Updates from SAC college representatives:

++College Council: Cris Jensen. The College Council met Sept 19. Cris reported that Doug Mork, director of PERC, is spearheading the Hurricane Katrina relief effort for the college. The college offered space for up to 6 faculty from Dillard, a black college with approx. 2200 students, but the offer has been put on hold. The concern is the college wants to keep the faculty and students nearby at this point for the concern of losing them. Some of their students have already enrolled elsewhere and the college needs the students to survive. Doug has also been in contact with the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. The action to take has not yet been decided. Carleton students are organizing and working on a plan of action as well. The second issue discussed was the purchase of the middle school. The purchase has increased Carleton's sq. footage by 150,000 and is approx. 1/10 of the existing area. the college is excited with the purchase as it opens up new possibilities and space for everyone. Formal plans for the building are ongoing. There may be long and short plans.

++Faculty representative: Melinda Russell: At the Faculty Retreat on September 6, two items of interest were noted. There is an initiative to improve student writing during the first two years at Carleton. This initiative will work in cooperation with the Writing Portfolio already in place. And, discussion is underway regarding reducing the faculty teaching load and hiring additional faculty to make this happen.

New business:

*Committee reports

++By-laws- Christine Kreji, no report

++Motor vehicle policy: Christine Kreji: The revised policy must next be reviewed by the College Council and it was not on their first agenda of the fall.

++Nominations and elections: Carol Spessard, no report

++Publications: Patt Germann, no report

++Salary and benefits: :Linda Mueller, announced Mary Amy was a member of the committee. A brief recap of goals of the committee this year (see minutes of Sept 8 on the website).

++Special projects: Jennifer Cox Johnson, passed around a sheet for people to sign up if they have expertise in any area they would be willing to share.

++Staff development: This committee is without any members currently.

++Website development: Carolyn Soule reported on new pages available on the SAC website including photos of the spring luncheon at

Old business:

*Information about the All Staff retreat was given. The date is Nov. 30 and the committee is working with HR to make sure all offices are either closed or staffed by those who will not be attending the retreat. Assistance is needed for several small committees to do with the retreat. Committees are a one-time commitment. To help out, contact Melissa Thomas ( or Kris Peterson (

*Committee sign up: there are still a few committee openings.

*The memo from President Oden’s office to supervisors was sent out with copies to SAC members who are involved.

Staff development program: Cathy Carlson of the Wellness office made a presentation on the topic of alcohol on the campus. Copies of her handouts will soon be available on the SAC website.

Administrative representative Fred Rogers spoke briefly on the topics of increased costs for heating for the upcoming winter, the Carleton Center for the Arts, the name chosen for the old middle school when Carleton takes possession, and the over-enrollment which will most affect winter term.

Announcements included:

*Quarterly Staff meeting Nov. 7 from 10-11 a.m. in the Concert Hall. Also on that date, a new staff welcome reception will be held in the AGH library from 4-5 p.m.

*Happy Hour with Forum, Oct 11, 5-7 p.m. at the Cave

*Robbie Groth to attend Skillpath workshop Nov. 16. For more info contact her at

*Maps in printed directories are out of date. Use only the new ones from publications or printing and mailing services.

Respectfully submitted:

Patt Germann, secretary