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Staff at Carleton Minutes

September 8, 2005 (Sayles-Hill 251, 1:30 p.m.)

Present: Co-chairs Melissa Thomas and Kris Peterson, Mary Amy, Tammy Anderson, Vicki Burgess, Jennifer Cox-Johnson, Cindy Grisim, Stephanie Huston, Becky Krogh, Linda Mueller, Patty Olson, Carolyn Soule, Lorie Tuma, Patt Germann,

The meeting was called to order.

Minutes of the May 12, 2005 meeting were presented and approved with the addition of Patt Germann’s name to those in attendance. The minutes will be posted at

New business:


Benefits committee: Becky Krogh reported that the committee was scheduled to meet Sept 19. On the agenda is a review of health insurance renewal, usage and plans for participation in the Emeriti program.

Special projects: Jennifer Cox-Johnson presented the special projects report. She would like to start a resource called “Expert Access.” Expert Access would be a list of people who are good at some particular skill such as Excel spreadsheets, creating electronic posters, creating user friendly web pages, making the most of Word, adjusting from a PC to a Mac or vice versa, etc, and who would be willing to accept brief calls for help from others on campus. The idea would be to get someone unstuck and save time, energy and aggravation. Jennifer will get a sign up sheet going soon. Additionally, she mentioned the campus calendar and how important it is for events to be listed there. Contact Jaye Lawrence if you’re unsure how to add events to the calendar. These projects are listed on the SAC website at

Salary and benefits: Linda Mueller presented a list of the top five priorities of the committee for presentation to the Budget committee as part of the five- and ten-year plans for the college.

A discussion regarding job titles and positions available on campus was held. The Committee is working to have a proposal together for Human Resources and the Budget Committee before the end of Fall Term. The five top areas of concern are: 1) Percentage increase in salaries, 2) Movement within a salary range, 3) four weeks of vacation after ten years of service, 4) Sick hours to vacation conversion, and 5) (if an interested individual will come forward to work on this topic) Tuition Benefit similar to other employee groups.

Staff Development: Cathy Carlson will speak at the next SAC meeting (Sept 20, 10 a.m., Hill Lounge) on the topic of alcohol on campus.

Web development: Carolyn Soule requested that anyone with information to be posted on the website forward that to her.

v The staff retreat will be Nov. 30 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Agendas were handed out. There will be a web page with retreat information available.

v A committee sign-up sheet was sent around. Committee members are still needed for most committees. Also needed are volunteers for short-term committee work for the retreat. To volunteer contact Kris Peterson or Melissa Thomas.

v There was discussion about hiring over the summer and questions about whether proper procedures of posting and announcing to the campus were followed. The Co-Chairs agreed to check with Human Resources to see what the policies are and to find out if policy was followed in these instances.


President Oden will send a letter to supervisors regarding committee work for SAC members

Meeting dates for the year are listed on the website

The Spring Luncheon will be planned by South Side in 2006

Quarterly staff meeting and reception for new staff is Nov. 7.

All non-exempt staff are welcome to attend all SAC meetings or propose an agenda item. Contact Kris Peterson ( or Melissa Thomas (

For more information about any of the items discussed at the SAC meeting, contact your area representative.

NEXT MEETING: Sept 20, 10 a.m., Hill Lounge