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Staff at Carleton

November 9, 2006 – 1:30 p.m. – Sayles-Hill Lounge

Present: Co-chairs Jennifer Cox Johnson and Linda Irrthum, Jamie Monson (faculty representative), Vicki Burgess, Diane Fredrickson, Cindy Grisim, Robbie Groth, Carol Horan, Cris Jensen, Julie Kimber, Becky Krogh, Nikki Lamberty, Nina Mangelsen, Nance Nytes, Noel Ponder, Carol Spessard.

The meeting was called to order by co-chairs Jennifer Cox Johnson and Linda Irrthum.

There was a short recognition of former co-chair Melissa Thomas for her outstanding contributions to SAC. Melissa stepped down as co-chair because of her move to an exempt position. Melissa responded with a farewell message to SAC.

A welcome and thank you was extended to Linda Irrthum for stepping in as co-chair on short notice.

A thank you was extended to Carol Spessard and Linda Irrthum for updating SAC records at the start of the 2006-07 academic year.

SAC’s donation of $310 from the “Take Your Boss to Lunch”/United Way luncheon was presented to Candy Taylor, Northfield’s United Way representative, and a photograph was taken.

Minutes of the September 14, 2006, meeting were approved as written.

Old Business

Updates from SAC College Representatives:

College Council (Cris Jensen)

September 18, 2006, meeting:

· The Capital Campaign will be moving from “silent phase” into public phase this coming May 2007. The goal is $300 million of which $128 million has been raised.

· Announced receipt of a large grant from the Starr Foundation for international student aid.

· The Arts Planning Committee has moved into a second stage, that of defining program space needs and the search for a director of the arts center and an architect.

· Issues before College Council this year include parking, a comprehensive ResLife plan, a report from the Admissions and Financial Aid Committee, and continuing sustainability issues.

· Dean Hudlin Wagner discussed issue that students did not understand process to obtain funding for travel to academic conferences, inequitable funding, and small budgets.

· Vice President of External Relations Kristine Cecil discussed issue of students contacting alums directly for funding of their various initiatives without the explicit support of the College.

October 30, 2006, meeting:

· Curriculum Review: A task force will be established in the future, and a role for staff in the review process will be determined.

College Budget Committee (Cris Jensen)

· Attached is a review of the Budget Committee meetings from May 2006 through October 26, 2006, prepared by Cris.

College Benefits (Becky Krogh)

· We should have received renewal information packets for medical, dental, and flexible spending accounts.

· The committee is done meeting this term.

Special Projects (Noel Ponder)

· Noel reported on the success of the “Take Your Boss to Lunch”/United Way luncheon. Ninety-eight staff attended and $980 was raised. A portion of the $10 luncheon ticket was donated to United Way resulting in a contribution of $310, and Facilities donated their set-up charge. SAC agreed to continue this event every year. It was suggested not to continue the theme of “Take Your Boss to Lunch” but to develop a different theme such as “Out to Lunch the United Way.”

· New Staff Reception: Jennifer Cox Johnson reported in Lorie Tuma’s absence. The reception was held on November 6, 2006, 4-6 p.m., in the Alumni Guest House Library. This was an opportunity for SAC and Forum members to meet and greet new employees on campus. It was well attended and there was a sense that this should be continued.

Staff Development (Christine Krejci)

· Nina Mangelsen reported on the October 30th Tunnel Tour and Reception at the Cave for members of SAC and the Forum. The event was well attended by 60 to 70 participants. The total cost of the event presented to Human Resources was $646.51.

Salaries and Benefits (Carol Spessard)

· The Committee is gathering salary information from various Minnesota employers (State of Minnesota, City of Northfield, Gustavus, etc.) in order to develop a salary comparison.

· Asked HR for a breakdown of job classification levels with the number of staff at each level.

· Salary ranges for 2006-07 are available in the Staff Handbook.

· Please review Staff Handbook for recent changes.

All-Campus Retreat Planning (Carolyn Soule)

· Scheduled for Thursday, December 7, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the LDC. There will be an informal breakfast and lunch will be available. The theme of the retreat is “Sphere of Influence - Saving the World: One Sheet of Paper at a Time.” Speakers will be Tracy Knofla from High Impact Training and Paul Pieper from Rice County along with several Carleton staff members.

· The Committee is looking for volunteer facilitators and note-takers for the breakout sessions.

New Business:

Report on meeting with Human Resources (Linda Irrthum and Jennifer Cox Johnson)

· Met in late October and will meet again before the end of the term.

· Goal: To have a good working relationship with Human Resources.

· HR has suggested that SAC try to plan their events well enough in advance so that HR can build the expense/s into their budget.

· Linda Laughlin is primary contact regarding insurance benefits and Karyn Jeffrey is main contact for most other employment related issues.

Report on meeting with President Oden (Linda Irrthum and Jennifer Cox Johnson)

· Briefly discussed ombudsperson proposal. SAC will wait for further information from the Dean of the College Office before discussing the proposal any further. The proposal arose from the faculty, although it is intended to benefit all employees. The proposal is available for any staff member to read.

· Discussed stratification of employees, classification of employees, and growing employees to their full potential.

· President Oden offered to host June 5, 2007, year-end celebration for SAC and Forum members at Nutting House.

Appointment to College Reaccreditation Committee

· Jennifer announced that SAC is looking for a volunteer to serve on the committee. Nikki Lamberty volunteered.

Report from Faculty Representative (Jamie Monson)

· Jamie Monson will ask Susan Ottaway if a SAC representative can be appointed to the Ombudsperson Committee.

Report from Administrative Representative (Fred Rogers)

· The vacation accrual proposal submitted to Fred Rogers in May 2006 will be considered in the December budget process.

· Jennifer noted the disparity of vacation accrual by exempt versus non-exempt.

· Noted that the Arts Planning Committee’s primary concern at this point in time is addressing curricular issues rather than space issues.

· The arts report is on the Dean of the College Web site.

· A second arts report is due in January: what does art curriculum look like; how does that impact the College curriculum.

· Jennifer asked how SAC can be involved in the arts planning process. She noted that SAC would like to have a voice in the planning process.

· Jamie Monson noted that SAC should be involved early on in the arts planning process.

The next News and Views is Thursday, November 16, in SH-252. SAC is asking for suggestions for discussion topics for the coming year.

The next SAC meeting is Tuesday, January 9, 2007, at 10:30 a.m. in Hill Lounge.

Respectfully submitted,

Nina Mangelsen

Enclosure: Review of Budget Committee meetings prepared by Cris Jensen