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Staff at Carleton (SAC) Minutes

Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Sayles-Hill Lounge
10-11 a.m.

Present: Kristen Askeland, Vicki Burgess (secretary), Merilyn Calcutt, Jennifer Cox-Johnson (co-chair), Marla Erickson, Patt Germann, Jean Goss, Robbie Groth, Krista Herbstrith, Linda Irrthum, Martha Jirovec, Tricia Kasa, Julie Kimber, Christine Krejci, Becky Krogh, Tami Little, Kara Lloyd, Nancy Loesch, Linda Luedke, Nina Mangelsen, Linda Mueller, Pam O'Hara, Lois Perkins, Noel Ponder (co-chair), Pam Sexton, Andrea Zunkel, Jamie Monson (faculty rep)

The meeting was called to order by Co-chair Jennifer Cox Johnson.

College Ombuds Office:

Linda Irrthum introduced Joanne Jirik Mullen, the new college ombudsperson. The DOC office describes this position as follows:

  • Beginning with the 2007-2008 academic year, Carleton College will open an Ombuds Office for faculty and staff. The Ombuds office offers a confidential, impartial, objective, and informal alternative for resolution of work-related concerns. It is an independent office that reports directly to the Vice President/Treasurer of the College. The Ombuds person, Joanne Jirik Mullen, will not advocate or represent any person or position. Rather, the Ombuds will support a fair process and adhere to the value of fair treatment, respect, and civility. The Ombuds is confidential and does not serve as an office of record. It will not disclose information without the express authority from the person providing the information. The office is located at 202 Hoppin House. For appointments, contact Ms. Mullen at or 507-222-4569.
  • Ms. Mullen indicated she does not yet have set hours, but the position has been budgeted for 7 hours per week. She said the best way to contact her is by e-mail and she can arrange a time to meet.
  • All contact is confidential. Nothing is kept on record and even notes from individual meetings are destroyed. The goal of the office is to help those seeking support to find resources and options in handling workplace issues.
  • Brochures are available from the Ombuds Office, and SAC still has several (contact:, x4262).
  • It was suggested that Ms. Mullen be invited to a future News and Views to continue the conversation. She would be interested in whether SAC members think set hours would be best, and our input to make the Ombuds office most beneficial to all.
  • The Ombuds Office webpage can be found at:

Approval of Minutes

A motion was made and seconded to approve the June 5, 2007 minutes. Motion was passed.

Updates from SAC College Committee Reps

  • College Council (Robbie Groth): has not met.
  • College Budget Committee (Lois Perkins): has not met.
  • College Benefits Committee (Becky Krogh): looking at 2008 benefits info and hoping to get information distributed to staff earlier in the year.
  • College Committee on the All-Staff Retreat (Linda Luedke reporting): date is Wednesday, December 5, 2007. Plans are underway and a speaker has been selected.Linda Mueller requested notices regarding the retreat be sent to department supervisors soon so that plans can be made to allow all staff to attend.

Updates from SAC Committees

  • Website Development: Tammy Anderson and Linda Luedke will make a presentation at the October SAC meeting highlighting changes and updates to the website.
  • Staff Development (Christine Krejci): brainstorming ideas: new HR director, and what's new in the Career Center. Number one on the list is a presentation by Ann Lamppa re disability services on campus and tying that in with Mike Kotchevar and work study assignments, etc. Brown bag lunch ideas: update on Emeriti Program, taking courses at Carleton. Jennifer Cox-Johnson asked if Staff Development would be interested in taking over the scheduling of News and Views brown bag lunches as a way to offer additional staff development opportunities, and possibly including Forum members in some, such as a follow-up session with the Ombuds Office.
  • Special Projects: 2012 is the 40th anniversary of SAC, and we should keep this in mind for future planning of events.
  • Benefits and Salary Committee (Linda Mueller): has not met since June, but members are individually looking at pay rates in various state and local employment sectors to compare to Carleton. Linda is having lunch with the new HR director, Kerstin Cárdenas. Linda is hoping to speak with Mary Amy about replacing Linda on the Benefits and Salary Committee.

Old Business

  • Tami Little has been appointed to the 2nd at-large position on the SAC 07-08 executive committee (Linda Irrthum holds the other at-large position).
  • Vacancies in SH/Shop (1 rep & 2 alts): Nina Mangelsen reviewed the by-laws regarding vacancies and this situation is not specifically addressed. It was decided that SAC would send an e-mail to the SH/Shop geographic area looking for volunteers willing to serve and then having a focused ballot for that area only. Nominations & Elections Committee will handle this.

New Business

  • Administrative Professionals Conference, Tuesday, September 18, 2007, 8am-1pm, Great Hall:Robbie Groth reported 85 registered attendees, 15 more than the previous year. Presentations include new e-mail system, web time-entry, new policies, forms, and procedures in the Business Office, and other presentations related to the theme "Going Green".
  • New HR director, Kerstin Cárdenas, will be attending the October 10, 2007 SAC meeting.
  • Noel Ponder volunteered to host the September 20, 2007 News and Views. There will be no agenda for this meeting.
  • United Way Luncheon (Noel Ponder): The current campus United Ways chairs do not want to pursue this officially as they do not want to ask the campus for additional direct fundraising. If SAC would like to continue this event we should think about possible alternative recipients of monies raised.


Jennifer and Noel have scheduled a meeting with President Oden (also plan to schedule meetings with the Forum and HR), requesting input from SAC members on issues to bring to these meetings:

  • Are we going to have an End-of-Year Meeting with President Oden attending? If yes, need to get on President's schedule immediately. Will it be a joint meeting with the Forum? What time of the year would be best to schedule this?
  • What has been the progress of the advisory task force on phased retirement?
Jennifer and Noel will be attending the orientation for new employees on October 12, 2007.

Next meeting

  • Wednesday, October 10, 2007, 10-11am, Sayles-Hill Lounge. Agenda includes Kerstin Cárdenas, HR Director, and the SAC website update presentation.

Respectfully submitted,
Vicki Burgess