The Web Services Group is a collaboration between College Communications and ITS

The team includes web developers, designers, content specialists, and a web technical administrator. Meet the team here.

We work to make Carleton's websites the best they can be

We help our offices, departments, student organizations, and individuals to:

  • identify their audiences' needs,
  • develop and/or find great ways to address those needs, and
  • create and implement tools that make it easy to maintain online services.

We create websites for college offices, departments, and organizations

We help you to:

  • plan your communications
  • organize your websites
  • design the look and feel of your websites
  • write clearly and effectively for the web
  • review your sites' ease of use and accessibility
  • build and maintain your website
  • learn how to use Carleton's web tools

We build, select, and maintain the tools that Carleton uses to communicate on the web

These tools include:

  • the Reason content management system
  • custom tools for offices and departments
  • go.Carleton URL shortener
  • CarlTown, an online community for Carleton Alumni.
  • We help support Moodle, Carleton's course management system
  • We help support Carleton's Wordpress blogs