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  • If you haven't searched for something on Carleton's web site recently, be prepared for a pleasant surprise. The Web Services Group has rolled out a new search interface powered by an on-site Google server, so the search page and the results you see will look a lot like what you expect from Google's own site.

    Our previous search solution had been showing its age and not producing consistent results, so we decided to follow the lead of many other colleges our size and adopt the Google-based service. Because the Google server places some limitations on how fully we can integrate with other data sources, we've had to simplify the search experience somewhat, but we've preserved the campus directory results sidebar that many people have come to rely on.

    We hope the new search page helps you find what you need!

  • It’s no secret, the world is going mobile. And here at Web House, Carleton’s mobile website strategy has been a hot topic. While a standalone Carleton mobile site is in the plans, we’re already taking a big step toward mobile optimization with Responsive Design.

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