General contact:

General contact

Julie Anderson
Julie Anderson Profile
Director of Web Services
Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan ’96 Profile
Associate Director of Web Communications and Development

Matt is the lead designer, interface expert, and information architect for the Web Services Group. In other words, he makes sure Carleton's pages work well and look good, and figures out how to organize them so that people can navigate through Carleton's website as easily as possible.

Mark Heiman
Mark Heiman ’92 Profile
Senior Web Application Developer

Mark is the lead application implementation person for the Web Services group. He takes the building blocks that Carleton purchases or that we create and makes them work together. He is the man behind the online directory, the events calendar, and much more useful stuff.

Doug Bratland
Doug Bratland Profile
Web Content Specialist

Doug is the content specialist for the Web Services Group. He helps people get all their stuff (words, pictures, audio, video, etc.) onto their website and looking the way they want it.

Tom Feiler Profile
Senior Web Application Developer
Steve Bentley ’00 Profile
Web Designer
Matt Lauer
Web Administrator/Developer