What has changed in the new Reason text editor?

There is a new editing widget in some Reason sites, and soon all Reason sites will use it.

Loki 2 screenshot 

It mostly works the same way as the text editor you are used to, but there are some ways it has changed. Here is a quick review of the most noticeable changes:

  1. The link to asset Insert Link to Asset Button and link to email address Insert Email Link Button buttons have gone away. All kinds of links — to web pages, assets, email addresses, etc. — now use the standard link button Loki 2 Link icon. Once you click the icon you will be given choices to link to pages, assets, email addresses, etc.
  2. The text alignment buttons Alignment Buttons have gone away. You can still align text -- just right-click (or control-click on a Mac) on the text that you want to align, and choose from the available alignment options.
  3. The spellchecking tool Spellcheck Button has gone away. With automatic inline spellchecking in most browsers, it is no longer necessary.
  4. Once you have set a heading, you can now adjust the level (and therefore size) of the heading by right-clicking on the heading text and choosing "Change to Minor Heading (h4)" or "Change to Major Heading (h3)".
  5. Inserting images Loki 2 Image icon is now significantly improved. You can search for images, choose to place full-sized or thumbnail images, and choose image alignment. Try it out — you'll see what we mean.
  6. There are now copy, cut, and paste buttons in the editor - Loki 2 Icons - Cut, Copy, & Paste. Because of security restrictions in Firefox, they only work in Internet Explorer. They are presented in both browsers, however, so that people who use both are not confused. You can always copy and paste in either browser using the standard control-c and control-v keyboard shortcuts, or using the browser's Edit menu.
  7. The indent Loki 2 Indent icon and remove indent Loki 2 Remove Indent Icon buttons are renamed "Indent list item(s)" and "Unindent list item(s)" and they have a more specific purpose than before -- managing the hierarchy of bulleted and numbered lists. They no longer can be used to indent plain text.
  8. There is a new Quote button Loki 2 Quote icon. This marks the selected text as a block quote (like in an extended quote in a paper or book). It also indents the text to indicate that it is a quotation. You can also use this button to remove a block quote.
  9. There is a new highlight button Loki 2 Highlight Icon. This will put a highlight box around the selected text. You can also use it to remove a highlight box.
  10. There is a "cleanup" button Loki 2 Icon - Cleanup. This tries to fix HTML if it has somehow gotten messed up, and it will remove Word formatting if it has somehow made it into the content.
  11. You can now resize the editing window. Just grab the lower right corner and drag it up or down. When you let go, the window will resize to where you dropped it.