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Dude Where's My Carl?

Excited to start working after college? Ecstatic for your awesome internship this summer? Dreaming about moving to a new city?

Come to the DUDE, WHERE’S MY CARL mixer to meet cool people who will be living, working, or interning in YOUR city this summer! Have all your housing, transportation, budgeting queries answered, man!

Tuesday, May 3, 5:00pm, Great Hall

Refreshments provided - RSVP here.

Welcome to the Career Center. Regardless of where you are in the career development process, we’re eager to help you make well-informed decisions while at Carleton and beyond. We can help you with resources to explore your interests, skills, and values, think about majors, connect with alumni and employers, secure an internship and your first job, or investigate post-graduate study options. Please visit us in the Career Center for help with all of this.


  • Starting a job or summer internship in a new city/state? Sign up for Dude, Where's My Carl mixer through this link:… 29 Apr
  • Entrepreneurs of Color Prog Development Coord opening at LegalCORPS. Brought to us by Louis Enriquez-Sarano '15.… 28 Apr
  • REMINDER: table visit today - U of MN - College of Pharmacy Visit 27 Apr
  • Meet with Molly Burness ’15, Chemistry major 1:1 to talk about healthcare, non-profits, or AmeriCorps opp. RSVP a slot via Tunnel-event 5/13 27 Apr
  • Staff from the Social Security Administration will be on-campus to promote their Disability Examiner FT position. 27 Apr
  • Learning to teach is a journey. Start here! Join #UrbanTeachers residency & master's in DFW or Baltimore! Last deadline 5/2! 27 Apr

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