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Couch-Surfing, Carleton Style

May 31, 2011

Do you have a couch (or guest room) to share with a Carl traveling on a shoestring budget? Would you like a frugal, friendly alternative to impersonal hotel rooms? Check out Couches for Carls, the Career Center's personal hospitality exchange network.

How Does It Work?
Who's It For?
Protecting Your Privacy

Sometimes all you need is a comfy couch!

How Does It Work?

It's simple:

  • If you can offer a couch, sign up here (alumni, parents, and other friends of Carleton).
  • If you need a couch, check the Couch Map (students and alumni only).

Couchsurfers log in to view the secure Couch Map, locate a couch in the city they’re passing through, and contact the person who's offering the couch. They are then free to work out the logistics and conditions of the traveler's stay in the volunteer's home.

Who's It For?

Any Carleton student or alum in need of a frugal place to stay for a night or two is welcome to use the program. But we especially encourage its use by Carls traveling for a job interview or other career-related purpose.

For the couchsurfer, the program offers free lodging plus a chance to network with Carleton alumni. For the volunteer, it's a simple way to help a fellow Carl and give back to the Carleton community from the comfort of your own home. What could be better?

Protecting Your Privacy

Volunteer addresses are never listed online, and their contact information is available only to verified, logged-in Carls. No non-Carls can access the Couch Map.

Those providing a couch are free to accept as many or as few requests for stays as they like.

Of course, Carleton cannot guarantee that any participant will be a perfect host or houseguest! But in our experience, connections and great conversations tend to happen wherever two or more Carls gather.

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