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  • Internships

    On The Job

    August 1, 2014

    Carleton’s Career Center is on a mission to ensure that students’ educations go beyond the classroom to prepare them for a competitive job market

  • Farm externship

    Planting Ideas

    August 1, 2014

    Joanna Reuter ’00 and her husband hosted two Carleton students for a 10-day externship at their organic farm in central Missouri

  • Eric and Mimi Carlson

    Doing Well and Doing Good

    August 1, 2014

    When Eric Carlson ’66 was a junior at Carleton, he took a class in the economics of underdeveloped nations that influenced the course of his life.

  • Kim Betz

    Join the Team

    August 1, 2014

    Carleton's innovative career preparation programs depend on broad support from the Carleton community. Your gifts of time and money make a difference.

  • Michael Habermann '15: Impact of Aid

    June 6, 2014

    In the words of one student financial aid recipient:

    Words could never do justice the gratitude I feel towards my donors, but I would like to tell them that I am truly grateful for their generosity, and that their investment will be paid forward.

    Financial aid support is a critical part of the College’s mission to welcome talented students from all economic backgrounds. More than $43.5 million in financial aid was awarded to Carleton students in 2013-14, with an average Carleton grant amounting to $31,848. Donor support for financial aid makes many students’ experiences at Carleton possible.

    Michael Habermann '15











    Michael Habermann '15 from Billings, MT
    Recipient of the Richard D. Arney Scholarship

  • Transformers

    March 9, 2014

    This year, students found answers to their questions at Sophomorphosis, a week of activities focused on the transformations sophomores undergo as they plan their futures at Carleton and beyond.


  • Healthland in Mpls. is seeking a new grad with IT interests. They are a growing software technology company. See the Tunnel for Details. 26 May
  • A Carleton alum is seeking a Rice County Mental Health Collective Interim Coordinator. 26 May
  • Neuger Communications Group in Mpls. is seeking a part-time, ambitious, enthusiastic and talented public relations intern. See the Tunnel. 26 May
  • Clever, a great ed-tech company in San Francisco is in need of contractors to help us out as we rev up for back to school! See the Tunnel! 22 May

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