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A New Kind of CAMP: The Carleton Alumni Mentor Program

March 11, 2011

Lyssa Searcy ’11 and Lan Hoang ’95 are glad they met at C.A.M.P. They got paired up this fall through the Career Center’s new Carleton Alumni Mentor Program. The program is simple: alumni volunteers fill out profiles detailing their career paths and interests, and Carleton seniors choose a mentor based on those profiles. Once the volunteer learns about the student’s goals and agrees to the partnership, the pair can make what they want of the relationship for the rest of the student’s time at Carleton. Pairs frequently email, talk on the phone, and Skype—occasionally they even meet for coffee if logistics and distance allow.

“I decided to participate in C.A.M.P. because of its personal slant and tailored approach,” says Searcy. “The long-term model has been a good fit for me, and I feel lucky to know that my connection with Lan will continue over the coming months as I prepare for—and get excited about—life after Carleton.” The relationship has been a great help for Searcy so far. “I have greatly appreciated Lan’s breadth of experience, positivity, and her ability to think of options that may never have crossed my mind,” says Searcy. She and Hoang have worked together to structure her post-graduation plans and to prepare for interviews.

“Lyssa has very clear short-term goals that set the tone for our meetings and help keep us focused on the big objective—landing that perfect job,” says Hoang. “Mentoring is about acting as a coach or guide,” says Hoang. “I lead teams daily in my professional life, and C.A.M.P. is a great way for me to invest in someone else’s success outside of my professional arena.”

C.A.M.P. is one of the best ways for Carleton seniors to get personalized advice about starting their careers, interviewing for jobs, and adjusting to life after Carleton. It also offers alumni an opportunity to hone their leadership and coaching skills and to form a strong bond with a Carleton senior. With 50 pairings in its first year, the program has gotten off to a great start. All it needs to fuel further success is a larger pool of alumni volunteers.

To get involved, email Brent Nystrom ’92 in the Career Center. You will receive more information about timing and how to create your own profile.

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