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Engagement Wanted: Information for Volunteers

The 2014 Engagement Wanted Program ended on May 9. Information for the 2015 Engagement Wanted Program will be available in the Fall.

Carls are graduating and trying to secure internships during a still challenging economy. To help them succeed, we're continuing "Engagement Wanted," a program to send their requests for opportunities & advice out to Carleton's alumni, parents, and friends.

What can you do to help? It's simple:

  1. Alumni, staff and faculty: Sign up. (You can opt out at any time.)
    Parents: To sign up, contact us.
  2. Read a few ads from seniors and juniors each week. We'll send you a random sampler of five "Engagement Wanted" ads from Carleton seniors and juniors. When you receive an email, just scan it to see if you have any advice, contacts, or opportunities to offer the students featured. The email will also contain a link to each student's full Student Profile where you can gain more in-depth knowledge about the student's interests and background.
    • Could you contact the student with one-time advice?
    • Are you willing to provide sustained mentoring?
    • Do you have a referral or lead?
    • Would you be open to an informational interview or shadow visit?
    • Do you have an internship to offer?
    • Does your organization have summer jobs available?
    • Do you know of entry-level jobs that fit the student’s profile?
    • Any type of help is welcome!
  3. Connect any way you can. You need only contact students with whom you find a connection, and your level of involvement is up to you.



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This page was last updated on 21 November 2014